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Mirroring360 download, installation and usage on windows and Mac PCs

mirroring 360

What is Mirroring360?

Till now we have seen few applications which provide mirroring of our device screen on the wireless computer environment. How about the response time of those applications? Here you can find a beautiful application which is more accurate and whose response time is faster than any of the applications which we have seen till now. This application is capable of mirroring the iOS as well as android devices.  The AirPlay technology which is available with the iOS device such as iPad or iPhone or even Mac is helpful in mirroring of your device screen. Let’s see more about this application.

Setup Mirroring 360 on wireless computer environment:         

From your wireless computer environment that might be either Windows or Macintosh, you can download the app without any restrictions. Click on the Install Mirroring360 for Windows URL to get the setup file of the application for Windows environment. Run the .exe file to get the application installed on the Windows environment. As the set up file for Windows and Mac is different, you need to install the application separately on Mac environment. Click on the Install Mirroring360 for Mac URL to get the .dmg set up file. Run the .dmg file to get the installed on Mac environment.

How to use Mirroring360 application?


It is so simple to use this application. After installing the application on your wireless computer, make sure that your device and the computer are in the same Wi-Fi/LAN network. Now connect your device and computer with the same Wi-Fi network and from the device screen swipe up to view the list of options available. Swipe up from the bottom of the device screen and tap on the AirPlay button to access the control centre. Now tap on the computer name on which you need to mirror your device screen. Turn on the Mirroring option to begin the mirroring. If you do not know the name of your computer you can view it from the General tab of the Mirroring 360 application. You can even rename your computer and can see the same under the Airplay options of the device. As this is a paid up you can only enjoy the free trail up to certain period of time and later on if you still want to enjoy the features of this application you need to subscribe to it. You can not only connect this to your computer, you can also mirror up your device screen to the Apple TV with this application.


Originally posted 2015-04-13 11:46:53.