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Mingle2 Free Dating App All Premium Features Unlocked

Mingle 2 premium features unlocked

Are searching for a perfect partner and a match made for you in heaven? Well, your search will be over once you download and install Mingle 2 Free Dating App. Mingle 2 is a free dating application which is created by Mingle Limited that opens up the possibility gates to connect with millions of singles around the world who are also searching for the One for them. Well, Mingle 2 application provides an opportunity to the depressed singles to find a perfect date match for them. You just need to download the app and then launch it to get started to connect on a single platform.

General Features of Mingle 2

Some of the  amazing benefits of Mingle 2 application include:

  • Unlimited messaging and nudge sending which is completely free
  • Find awesome dates relevant to your interest near you
  • Hook up with someone by starting an instant chat
  • No limit on the number of users you can hook up and send messages

Advanced Features for Premium Members

Well, the features are not restricted to these only. There are numerous advanced features for premium members for which you have to sign-up and buy the subscription.  Some of the additional premium features offered by Mingle 2 include:

  • Complete check on every user who has visited and viewed your profile. You would get the exact number by which a particular visitor went through your profile.
  • Being a premium member, your profile would be highlighted and would be shown more prominently in the search page, home page or on the match page.
  • Your profile would also be featured in the inbox of another user when they would open it to see other visitor’s messages.

Cost for upgrading to premium membership

Having a look at these functions, everybody wants to unlock the premium features. Well, premium membership costs about $10 month and require one-time full payment of 30$ for three months which is very expensive, and surely not everybody can afford it.

There are two other membership services also which requires a paid member to sign-up for six-months at $8 per month and includes a total one-time payment of $48. And the other is a one-year membership, which is $6 per month for a total one-time fee of $72.

mingle plus free dating unlocked premium features

But people don’t want to invest this much money for a dating site especially when they don’t believe the app would be reliable in producing appropriate matches or not.

Well, in this article, we are here with a good news for all the single iPhone users out there. You can now download and install Mingle2 Free Dating App on your device with the surprising benefit of unlocking all its premium features without spending a single penny. You just need to follow the steps, and your job would be done:


There are two prerequisites, to begin with, the unlocking of Mingle 2 benefits. These are:

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone

Ever since Apple has launched iPhone, there are plenty of reasons for hackers and developers to jailbreak it and get a complete access to the iPhone. Once you jailbreak your iPhone, you can modify settings completely free from previously imposed limitations by the developers. You can install unofficial apps and unlock premium features that were previously restricted.

Some people usually don’t recommend jailbreaking your device, but if you want to unlock premium features of Mingle 2 application and use them completely free, then jailbreaking is necessary.

Steps to Jailbreak your iPhone

To jailbreak your iPhone, you need to choose iPhone version, firmware and the operating system which is currently running. Make sure to backup your iPhone’s data in a safe storage as jailbreaking would automatically improve the data in your device. Backup on your iCloud account or your Laptop using a USB cable.

  • Next, you have to turn off the feature of Find my Device and shut down the Passcode.
  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your device and make sure that once you plug in your device to the laptop, iTunes recognizes it.
  • Further, enable the airplane mode or remove your Sim card and Download Taig software.

Launch the software and run it as an administrator. Uncheck other applications but keep Cydia application as checked. You would see that the software would recognize your iPhone device. Now click on the green start button to proceed.

The tool will automatically initiate the process of Jailbreaking. Don’t turn off your PC or mobile phone until the entire process is completed.

After completion, your device would reboot, and you will see Cydia app on your Home screen.

  1. Launch iFile

Once your iPhone is jailbroken, the only requirement left is getting an iFile. iFile is a file manager and view running under that you can download via Cydia. It is a tool for advance management of the files present on your jailbroken iPhone.

To download iFile freely from Cydia:

  • Launch the Cydia app and click on Sources.
  • Click on add and put URL in the text field. Now click on Add Souce button.

You would see a black screen showing refreshing data. After the refreshing has been done, you would see xsellize option in the sources. Click on it, go to all packages and slide down to find an iFile option.

  • Click on the iFile option> Modify> Reinstall.

The installation will begin, and you will see an iFile option on the Homescreen ready for you to use.

  1. Install Mingle2 application

Now, the final step is to download Mingle 2 app from iFile and install it. Once the application is installed, launch it to experience the unlocked premium features of Mingle 2. Happy Dating.

The Bottom-Line

In conclusion, if you want to hack the mingle two apps to unlock premium features you need to fulfill two basic requirements which are jailbreaking and installing iFile. So it is a golden opportunity for millions of singles to enjoy dozens of premium features without spending a single penny.

You would enjoy comprehensive search system, messaging unlimited users and private browsing completely for free. So, follow up the instructions, and you would have not to think about spending dollars to upgrade access to premium features.