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Microsoft launched Word, Excel, Powerpoint for iPad


Office for ipad.

Microsoft’s new CEO Sathya Nadella who is an Indian launched Word, Excel and Power point for iPad. Nadella believes that small products can also brings huge profits. So rather than concentrating on major products Nadella starting with small applications. Microsoft looking to attract users from iOS and Android smartphone users. Recently Nokia launched an android mobile Nokia X and now launched office for iPad. All Microsoft wanted to do is to attract users to use Windows phones.

Microsoft launched Microsoft suite for iPad. This suite includes Word, Excel, Power point and One Note for iPad. These applications can be downloaded from AppStore directly. All these three iPad apps are free to download and install. This will include viewing and presenting capabilities with free of charge. If users want to create or edit capabilities then they need Office 365 subscription. By subscribing to Office 365 users can get access to editing and create capabilities in any device. This subscription also gave an option to include iPad device in Office 365. Office 365 costs $9.99/month and $99.99/year.

word for iPad.
The Office 365 subscribers can add their iPad to their chosen devices. So they can create new files and also can edit the existing files in iPad. The files created in your device can be accessed any where and using any device. If user is Office 365 subscriber then the user can access the files from Mac, windows desktop, Phones, tablets and also along with cloud storage from OneDrive. OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage and can be accessible anywhere worldwide.

If user subscribes for Office 365 then user will get 20 GB of free space in cloud storage of OneDrive. So user can access this 20 GB cloud storage for free from any device.

Microsoft apps for iPad.

Totally 200 million iPad devices are sold worldwide. All the users missing is MS office in their iPad. Finally Nadella corrected this. It’s very late to release MS office for iPad where as the same is released for Mac 20 years ago. Any way finally Microsoft did it and make the iPad users to feel happy.

Originally posted 2014-03-29 07:23:51.