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Mac Tips – How to Lock Mac? How to Spotlight Search?

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How to lock your Mac? | How to view all applications that are opened? | How to perform Spotlight search?

We had a few tips and tricks for Mac that helps in your day to day life. We have added few tips to lock your Mac or to view all applications that are opened. Let’s have a quick glance at these tips.

How to lock your Mac?

To lock your Mac machine, just use the keyboard keys. Press “Control + Command + Q” keys altogether, that’s it your screen gets locked. This is the very simple way to lock your machine. Or, if you desire to lock it from the system directly click on “Apple” icon, you will find the “Lock Screen” option from the list of options available. Click on “Lock” screen option to lock your computer. To unlock your computer back enter the system password if it is set or just use the ‘Go’ arrow. These are the two options available to lock your Mac machine.

how to lock mac

How to view all applications that are opened?

To view the list of applications that are opened, place all your fingers on your trackpad and just swipe down towards the screen. You will now view all applications that are opened. To get back to the application that is opened earlier place all your fingers back on the trackpad and swipes back towards you. That’s it you can play with swiping down and swiping up to view all applications that are opened.

How to perform a Spotlight search?

spotlight search results on mac

To perform Spotlight search on your Mac, click on search icon from the top right header menu options. Now, you will find the “Spotlight Search” option appearing on the screen. Search for any application or file or topic that you need to search from your home screen. You will find the relevant search documents appearing and you can filter out based on your search results.

Originally posted 2018-09-01 11:24:25.