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Mac OS X Server | OS X Server Features Wiki Server, Xcode, Mail Server

OS-X Server

Mac OS X Server

OS X Server brings more power for your business, home office or school on Mac. OS X Server was previously called as Mac OS X Server which was released by Apple. The OS X Server is identical to the desktop counterpart OS X with additional server programs, administration and management tools in terms of architecture. OS X Server Hosting is works for only Mac machine’s. You should have Mac to install and run OS X hosting, You can’t run it on Other machines.

OS X Server

The server-specific server applications, administration software tools and work group management are now offered as OS X Server from Mac OS X Server.  An add-on package was sold through Mac App Store along with the Workgroup Manager 10.8 for OS X. These tools helps in accessing key network services including the mail transfer agent, AFP server, LDAP server, domain name server and SMB servers. The Mac OS X Server was provided for Xserve computers, rack mounted server computers as an operating system.

It is easy to install, set up and manage and with the new features it can be downloaded across the network at a faster speed. It is pre-installed on Mac Mini and Mac Pro optionally and should be purchases for other Macintosh computers. The OS X Server can be added to the latest OS X Yosemite from Mac App Store at about 20 dollars.

OS X Server Features:

Coming to the point of Mac OS X Server features it has Caching Server, Calendars/Contacts/Mail Servers Xsan4, File Sharing, Profile Manager, Time Machine, Wiki Server and Xcode Server. Let’s have a glance of all these features.

Mac OS X Server

File Sharing:
It’s easy to access documents, exchange files and share folders on a PC, iPad or Mac. Using the SMB3 super-fast protocol the sharing of files in OS X Server is protected against eavesdropping and tampering by encrypting and signing data in flight. You can the person who is accessing your server or who is connected long ago, with the file-sharing connection monitoring

Profile Manager:
Deploying, configuring and managing the iOS devices and Mac computers can be simplified with the Profile Manager. Create your own profiles in order to set up user accounts for calendar, contacts, messages and mail. Enforce restrictions, configure system settings, and set PIN with some password policies and many more. Profile Manager simplifies the distribution of licensed apps and books which are purchased from App Store Volume Purchase Program. Even access to a self-service web portal where the downloading and installation of new configuration profiles, remote locking, clearing passcodes  and wiping of Mac, iPad or iPhone can be done if it is lost or stolen.

Caching Server:
The delivery of software and downloading through App Store, iBooks Store, iTunes U and iTunes Store can be done in a speeder fashion by caching the server. Whenever you download new software from Apple on your network a copy of the software will get automatically stored in the OS X Server.

Xcode Server:
Xcode server makes the iOS development teams or Mac easier in creating robust, reliable software. The software developers can use OS X Server directly within Xcode to automatically integrate and archive their projects and to automatically run tests on multiple iOS devices, host repositories and to view history of build as well as test results.

Time Machine:
Using the Time Machine backup on OS-X Server you can maintain centralized backup storage of data. It helps in protecting valuable data and free up disk space on individual drivers.

Wiki Server:The OS X Server makes collaborating of groups and communicating with their own wiki-powered website. As the wiki is accessible from browser it’s easy to access by anyone and at any time. You can have a quick look of mails or attachments.

Calendars/Contacts/Mail Servers:
Users can schedule meetings, share calendars, coordinate events and book conference rooms using Calendar Server. It’s easy to share contacts and sync them on iPhone, iPad and Mac using Contacts Server. And Mail server works with emailing clients on iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac.

Everyone can have a fast, concurrent access to the centralized data with the powerful and scalable storage consolidation of Xsan. The Xsan configuration profiles and server application features with a simplified setup of Xsan volumes and clients.


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