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Latest features of Apple iOS 9.3 along with Error 53 update

iOS 9-3

Apple iOS 9.3 release and its latest features:

Apple has also released out its updated version of iOS 9 in the first half of January. This time, we are provided with much more updated features as part of the release of Apple iOS 9.3. There are about six features that were updated and also newly introduced with the iOS 9.3 release. The prioritized iOS 9.3 features have listed below.

Night Shift mode:

With the Night Shift mode, the light blue screen gets automatically dim and shifts to night mode based on timing and the geo-location that set on the device.

iOS 9-3


The News app was better updated to provide the users a personalized experience in discovering their favorites and the landscape mode was also provided in iPhone to implement a better user experience. You can have a quick check for the updates and can get the latest stories and daily events in a better-organized way.


The Notes app updated with an added protection to the notes. Here after, you can get the Password protection for the Notes app with Apple iOS 9.3.


The CarPlay app provided with the latest music collected by experts, and you can also get the Maps with the nearest places where you can find restaurants, gas and, parking, etc. with Apple iOS 9.3.

Apple iOS 9.3 error 53 update

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Education Preview:

With iOS 9.3 you can find many ways of learning about the existing and latest technologies. You can grow better concerning knowledge with iOS 9.3 upgrade.

Health app:

The Health app was provided with few added categories by providing support of third party apps. By using the app, you can track your wellness and health condition in the easiest way.

apple iOS 9.3 update

Security update:

Apple wanted to stop few apple services of all the iPhones which were jailbroken or repaired at a non-apple store for the security concern using Error 53 message.

There are the six major features that added as part of the release of Apple iOS 9.3 updates.

Originally posted 2016-02-13 00:52:34.