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Know how to Remove battery from Macbook and Insert battery in Macbook

Remove Battery from Macbook

How to install or remove battery from Macbook?

As we all know that laptops, Macbooks, Note books this kind of appliances run on the basis of battery. Sometimes, after the lifetime of the battery or due to any factors it may stop providing backup on its own. It requires continuous charging same as a desktop machine each and every time you try to use it. In such as you need to replace the battery. In the process of replacement of battery, we need to remove the existing one and replace it with a new one. Let’s have a look in detail, how the removal and insertion process of battery takes place in a Macbook.

How to remove battery from Macbook?

Before you plan to remove battery from Macbook, turn off the Mac book and remove all the connections associated with it. Now turn it back and lift the locking lever under the battery slot. This will open the battery slot door. Lift the battery slot access door and place it aside to take out the battery from the battery tab. If you desire to replace the battery at some later point of time close the battery tab door after removing the battery. After embedding the battery door press the locking lever to close the battery tab door and to best fit it.

How to install or insert a battery in Macbook?

Remove Battery from Macbook

The process of inserting battery will be almost same the process of removing the battery. To insert battery in Macbook, remove all the connections associated with it and un-plug the power supply if there is any connected to it. Now, turn the Mac book over and lift the locking lever which will be available below the battery slot. When you do this, it will auto lift up the door of battery slot. Pull up the battery tab door to insert battery. Just take a new battery or insert the one which is in working condition and place it in the battery tab slot. Now close the battery tab door and press the locking lever to lock it. This makes the battery tab auto fit and it gets closed.

This is how you can perform insert or remove battery from Macbook or any other versions or models in the Macbook. And also be careful while inserting or removing the battery. The pins associated with them are so sensitive, so you need to take care while performing this kind of actions.


Originally posted 2015-04-15 22:13:43.