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Know how Mac Screen Sharing is done using Team Viewer with easy steps

Mac Screen Sharing app

Mac Screen Sharing using TeamViewer:

Have you ever tried Mac screen sharing with anyone? Haven’t you? Do you want to learn how it can be done? This article helps you to learn more about the Mac screen sharing. The term screen sharing is nothing but accessing of one’s machine from another machine using internet. For the screen sharing there is no rule that both the machines should be on the same network. It depends on the tool that you are using for this. Let’s see in detail what tool can be used and how can the screen sharing be done.

TeamViewer is an application which helps for the screen sharing. This application is available for Windows, Mac and even mobile devices also. You must install the TeamViewer application on the both the machines i.e., from which you need to share the screen and on which you need to access the screen. Here there is no rule that both the machines should be same kind i.e., both of them may not be Mac machine. As we are sharing the screen of Mac, the other can be either a Windows machine or Mac machine. You can access this service on any machine which has the internet service. We should always make sure that there is a proper and high speed internet for the screen sharing.

Mac Screen Sharing on Windows

The TeamViewer application is free up to certain limit and certain features. Let’s see the TeamViewer download process. Click on the TeamViewer download for Mac link to download the .dmg file. Save the setup file and run it to install the application on the Mac machine. In case if you want to download and install the application on a Windows click on the TeamViewer download for Windows link. Launch the application on Mac machine on which you need to share the screen. Make a note of the User ID and password that is generated by the TeamViewer application and share this with the person who is going to perform remote access. Launch the application on the other machine and enter this username and password to get remote access on the main machine. Here after the screen of main machine gets into your hands. You can access the screen of the main machine until the connection setup with the TeamViewer application is lost. This is how Mac screen sharing can be done with the help of the TeamViewer application.


Originally posted 2015-04-19 23:31:01.