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iTranslate Voice Translation app fo iPhone, iPad and iPod iOS devices

iTranslate Voice Translation app

How to get best  translation app based on voice recognition for iPhone and iPad:

Is it difficult to translate each and every text to other languages by entering the text in a translator? We are here to help you. iTranslate Voice is  one of the best translation apps which is based on voice rather than the traditional text. It has also received many excellence awards for its best features. It’s really amazing that it can translate up-to 40 languages say, English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, French, Hindi, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and many more major languages even respective to their region. Along with this it also partially supports Malay, Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Croatian.

You can easily get this translating app on your supported iOS devices like iPod touch, iPad and iPhone that has 7.0 or higher versions of iOS installed on them from App Store. Apart from this translating app is best optimized for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Even though it is not available for free, you can have the best utilization of the app for its price. So, you need not worry to purchase the app and get it installed on your iPhone or iPad.

iTranslate Voice Translation app

When you start using the iTranslate Voice app translation becomes so easier that you need type a single word. Everything that you spoke gets instantly translated to the respective language. Completely it is based on voice recognition and there is of need of keyboard text to be sent to the translator. You can not only get the words translated, you can even have the dictionary option available with this app. Just voice over the text for which you need the meaning and within span of seconds you can get the meaning of the word for common words and phrases.

The AirTranslate option with the app helps the devices to connect together and can also start conversing with other people. Choose the languages from which you need to translate text and in to which you need translation. You can even have the translations to gender specific. You can choose the gender type also. Choose your desired language from the available languages and start getting the meanings or translations for the words in respective languages. One more exciting thing is that you can also share this translation with other people via social networking apps or SMS. This is how you can make your translations easier with iTranslate Voice app.


Originally posted 2015-06-03 21:45:02.