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Apple iPod Shuffle Price and Features:

iPod Shuffle by Apple:
Guys are you music lovers? Do you need a portable and compact device which stores lots of songs and music in it? Here comes the new iPod Shuffle by Apple. Apple has released a new iPod-shuffle which is very small in size and you can carry it easily where ever you want and can put it in your valet, pocket etc…  Coming to the price of iPod Shuffle, it costs $49 only and comes in budget.


iPod Shuffle Features:

It is beautifully designed. It is made of sleek, anodized aluminum. It is available in eight different and gorgeous colors. As iPod Shuffle is made of single piece of aluminum, it is solid, sleek and durable. The iPod Shuffle has the capacity to store hundreds of songs. It has 15 hours of battery life and has 2GB of storage capacity to store hundreds of songs. It is not only portable but also wearable. You can clip it to your backpack, jacket, shirt, purse strap or workout.


iPod-Shuffle side view

The iPod Shuffle is easy to control. A big clickable control pad is available in front of the iPod-Shuffle which makes it easy to see and use the music controls. You can play and pause by pressing the center button. To skip forward or back and to adjust the volume, press the outer buttons. Flip the shuffle switch to choose your desired listening style. Flip the shuffle to left, to hear music in a refreshingly random way. Flip the shuffle to middle and play the songs in an order. And, flip the shuffle to right to turn off the iPod-Shuffle.

Voice Over:

iPod shuffle design

You can also know the title or artist of the song that you are listening by pressing the VoiceOver button which is at the top of your iPod shuffle. By using VoiceOver you can also hear the names of playlists and can switch between them. It also tells you when ever your battery needs charging. The VoiceOver can also speak up to 29 different languages and you also can choose you native tongue or any languages. The music library contains songs from all over the world.

You can load up your iPod-shuffle using iTunes from your Mac or PC. You need to just choose the audiobooks, podcasts, playlists or any other audio files and the Sync them. You can get Sync of all kinds of playlists in iTunes such as gym, commute etc… in a perfect mix to your iPod shuffle.  By using VoiceOver you can know the name of the playlist and can switch between them. You can transfer good mix of music on your iPod-shuffle using Genius. Activate Genius in iTunes from your Mac or PC, and it automatically finds songs which sound together. It creates Genius Mixes which can easily Sync to the iPod shuffle.

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