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iPhone X to be discontinued soon (2018)

Apple first gen iPhone x to be discontinued

We knew Apple has released iPhone X in late 2017 with most advanced features so far not able on any iOS device. The Face ID recognition was also introduced with the release of iPhone X which made iPhone a new trend ever and received good response from its users too. But as per the KGI Securities analyst KUO, the latest research notes to many publishers that Apple is soon going to discontinue iPhone X and instead the second generation of it is going to be released.

Analysts say- Apple plans to discontinue iPhone X by the mid of 2018

Research notes also say that Apple’s decision to discontinue iPhone X has another decision associated with it. It says Apple may sell existing first generation iPhone X at a lower price. Currently, the first generation iPhone X is sold at a price of $999 where it’s price is going to reduced and sold at a cost of $899. This may also increase the sales of it as it is available at a discounted offer.

iphone x discontinued in mid 2018

And, the second generation iPhone X is going to be released in late 2018 with more advanced features compared to the first generation. There are many mobile phones with Face ID feature available in the market at a higher price.

Researchers are still thinking whether it is a good or bad solution to reduce the price of existing iPhone X. Because it may either increase the sales of iPhone X as it is available at a lower price or it may cause a negative impression to iPhone branding as it is available at a very low cost with high features.

Also, rumors spreading around that, Apple may release the second generation iPhone X in three different models. Two with an OLED display at a size of 5.8 inch and 6.5 inches whereas the third model with 6.1 inches LED display. Let’s wait for the official announcement from Apple on these notes and don’t miss the chance to get an iPhone X.

Originally posted 2018-02-08 02:46:37.