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iPhone X/ 10 Innovative Features


Apple announced iPhone X with a completely fresh look and design on the occasion of iPhone 10 year anniversary. The look and feel of the new iPhone X design are different from the all the existed iPhones. On 09/13/2017, Apple conducted the Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater. In this event, Apple announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple 4K TV, along with iPhone X.

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X is the special edition released in the year 2017. Apple always releases a new iPhone model with its two variants of sizes every year. But, this year Tim Cook and team decided to release a new iPhone X to celebrate iPhone 10 year anniversary.

How is this special edition different from other iPhones? iPhone X front face is well modified and the complete front face of the phone is covered with the touch screen. Basically, the gaps between the edges and the touch displays are reduced to try the new look.

The dimensions of the iPhone X are as below


iPhone X Screen

The iPhone X screen completely modified to reduce the gap between screen and edges. The iPhone Screen corners are coming with rounded corner styles to match the iPhone corner styles. This type of corner radius touch screens we already saw in the LG devices. And now Apple is also following this approach. Anyway, Apple buys the touch screen parts from its long term partner LG.

iPhone X camera hidden features

iPhone X display

iPhone 10 display resolutions, ppi, and touch are upgraded in this new model. The updated display settings are as below mentioned:

Display Type
Super Retina Display
Display LED Technology
OLED screen for stunning colors, high brightness, true blacks, and ‘1,000,000 to 1’ contrast ratio
Screen Size
5.8 inch
Screen Resolution
2,436 x 1,125
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)
458 ppi
Body type
Glass and Surgical grade Stainless steel

One swipe is enough to go to your home screen.

iPhone X Storage

iPhone 10/X is coming into the market in 2 different variants. All the specs related to Storage are as below:

64GB and 256GB
External Memory Card Slot
Not supported

iPhone X Camera

iPhone X is having advanced cameras and OSI technologies to give the best quality photos and videos. Apple introduced Face ID detection feature in iPhone 10 to enable face detection to authenticate the user. But to setup Face ID on iPhone and process the Face detection authentication there should be advanced cameras which can recognize multiple face gestures. So, Apple worked on iPhone 10 to facilitate with advanced cameras.

The specs of the iPhone 10 Cameras are as below:

Front Camera
Front Camera Flash
Flash generated from iPhone Screen
Rear Camera
Two 12MP OIS Cameras
Rear Camera Flash
Quad LED Flash with True Tone
New iPhone X Videos
4K Videos, Time-Lapse, and Slo-Mo videos

iPhoneX Front Camera

It is having Depth sensing front cameras for beautiful selfies. Apple added many features to the Front facing camera, the Front camera can sense the depth of the object and maps the face to give studio-quality lighting effects to the selfies. Portrait mode selfies are improvised with few advanced features like color filters, deeper pixels, and telephoto cameras having best OIS technology.

iPhoneX Camera Filters

It focuses and highlights the objects and blurs the background to give amazing photo quality with rich look. The clarity of the photos is fantabulous with the 7MP Camera.

The Lighting Filters of the Front Camera provides you with multiple effects like Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono etc at the time you are capturing the photos.

iPhoneX Rear Camera

The rear camera of the iPhone 10 is having dual Cameras to stabilize the images quality by capturing both front end objects and background objects with separate cameras and finally process the both photos to give you the best quality photo. iPhone X is having two rear 12MP cameras along with the LED flash.

The sensors of the Cameras are improved to process the photo faster than other cameras. It is having best OIS technology to provide deeper pixels of the scene.

iPhone X back cameras and flash

You can capture the best quality photos or videos even in the low light with these two 12MP OIS (Optical Image Processing) Cameras. The camera lenses are very fast to capture the photos quickly.

The Image Signal Processor lets you detect the elements in the scenes. It identifies the motion, people and lighting conditions etc. And, It uses HEIF compression feature of the iPhone lets you capture the same high-quality photos with half of its original size.

iPhone X Processor

Apple produced its Advanced processor chip A11 and integrated it in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. It is 70% faster than its predecessor processor A10. The A11 Bionic Processor having SuperHuman Intelligence with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks.

This Intelligence technology taking the iPhone X to the next level. Compare to other phones iPhone 10 is in a generation ahead. This processor can perform more than 600 billion operations per a second. The iPhone X Processor Specs are as below:

A11 Bionic, It works on Neural engine and smartest chip
Hexa Core processor with 4.3 billion transistors
Metal 2 graphic software to support 3D, AR games

Apple’s Metal 2 graphics software lets the game developers to develop 3d games for smartphones. Core ML supports the integration of Machine Learning into the apps. It supports Augmented Reality games and all 3D games.

A11 Bionic Apple processor machin learning neural engine artificial intelligence

The A11 chip also enabling the few new features into iPhone X using Neural Engine. The Face ID and AniMoji are the two best features enabled in iPhone 10 based on the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Engines.

iPhone X Battery

Apple targetted everything to be wireless. For this purpose, it is slowly achieving the goal of making everything wireless. It’s removed headphones wires and make it wireless headphones with the product AirPods. And, now it provided iPhone X with wireless charging feature. You can charge your iPhone X Battery with the use of the wireless charger.

The Battery specs of iPhone 10 are as below:

Wireless Charger
Full Charge Time
One hour
Battery Backup Time
Not mentioned but better than iPhone 7

Apple is planning to put wireless charge station all over the world. AirPower wireless charger lets you charge all your chargeable devices to charge by placing them on AirPower Mat. Apple is planning to provide AirPower chargers at Restaurants, AirPorts, and Offices to charge their devices anywhere. AirPower will be available in the market from 2018.

iOS 11 for iPhone X

iOS 11 is designed in such a way that to support iPhone 10 in multiple ways. To support Face ID, new camera features, A11 Bionic processor, Machine Learning technology, Wireless charging feature, curved designing of the display, AniMoji, and other features, iOS 11 is highly customized and providing innovative machine Learning support, best Control center layouts etc.

iOS 11 Control center on iPhone X

You can say that iOS 11 is the most advanced mobile operating system with a bunch of innovative features. The iOS 11 is just the beginning of all these new features, and lot more improvements to come in the next versions of the iOS.

Innovative Features

A lot more advanced features are coming with iPhone 10. Those are listed below:

Face ID

Set up and use the Face ID for your iPhone X authentication. Front facing camera is used to setup Face ID by capturing your face and validates it with 30000 varieties of your face gestures. It will authenticate your iPhone with in one second by using the A11 Bionic processor features.

iPhone X Face ID detection for iPhone 10

Adaptive Recognition

Face ID is having the feature of recognizing your face. It will detect your faces even if there are any physical changes on your face. This feature is known as Adaptive Recognition, which let’s recognize your face even you wear a hat or glasses. It can recognize you even you have beard and mustaches.

Water and Dust Resistant

iPhone 10 is water resistant as well as dust resistant device. Take care of the mobile to not fall in water which is more than 3ft depth. Due to the high pressure of water, the mobile may get affected.

Augmented Reality

AR is the new trend coming to Smartphones. Using Apple GPU processor a game developer can integrate Machine Learning techniques into the games. You can experience and play the mind-blowing 3D and AR games on your iPhone X.

Augmented Reality for iPhone X

Machine Learning

Machine Learning capability is available with A11 Bionic Chip. A11 uses Neural Engine and Artificial Intelligence to provide the advanced Machine Learning features in smartphones.

Neural Engine

Neural Engine is very powerful and it’s coming with the A11 chip. It lets you perform 600 billion operations per second.

Wireless Charging

A wireless charger called AirPower is coming into the market to provide wireless charging facility. iPhone 10 is provided with back glass with steel having wireless charging facility in it.

airpower wireless charging iPhone X


AniMoji is a newly added feature implemented in IOS 11. It provides beautiful emojis in the iPhone Messaging app.


Gesture support is provided in iPhone 10. Sensors added to the iPhone 10 lets you control your iPhone by simple gestures. To enable this feature you must have iOS 11 software and you can also set gestures to be used to control your iPhone.

A single swipe on your iPhone 10 screen takes you to Home screen irrespective of your current screen. You need to perform any button clicks or any other things to go to Home screen.

iPhone X Price

The iPhone 10 is coming in two variants based on the storage. One is with 64GB and another is with 256GB. So the price of the iPhone X in UK and US are as below:

iPhone X Model
iPhone X Model
iPhone X Model

iPhone X Availability

iPhone X is going to be available in the market from November 3. It release date of the iPhone 10 in the US Market and India Market are same and on November 3, 2017. You can pre-order iPhone X from October 27,2017.

Images Source: Apple.com

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