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iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Specifications, and Price

Apple’s iPhone SE is the best option, for the ones who love iPhone with more features and at low cost. As iPhone SE was released based on iPhone 5 design model and iPhone 6 features, it received a positive response from the iPhone lovers. The sales of it were still running because of the features available in it at a low cost. It is the best phone and cost worthy for everyone. 

The camera quality and features were also good compared to iPhone 5 and are available at an affordable cost. Based upon the positive response received for it Apple is planning to release iPhone SE 2 with a new design and advanced features.

iPhone SE 2 Release date and Design

Apple is planning to release iPhone SE 2 in the late 2018 and is expected to be released out in few more colors along with the regular Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Space Grey colors. It may also be released with iPhone 7 model and iPhone 8 features in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

iPhone SE 2 with full screen display

And, the Home button is also going to be removed out as part of its design and this time a 4.7-inch model is going to be designed for it.

iPhone SE 2 Specifications

This time you’re going to see Face ID feature on iPhone SE 2. Apple has released iPhone SE with Touch ID feature and as Home button is going to be removed out of the latest iPhone model, there are more expectations on Face ID feature.

Being built on A10 Fusion chip, it may resemble like iPhone 7 from the architecture perspective and iPhone 8 features are incorporated in it. With 13 MP of camera, 3GB RAM, OLED display and wireless charging features iPhone SE 2 is going to be the best iPhone for the year 2018 with the option to upgrade to iOS 12 features.

iPhone SE 2 Price

Apple’s iPhone SE is released at a price of $349, so this time for iPhone SE 2, Apple may quote a higher price compared to SE. iPhone SE 2 is expected to be released at a price of $449 or beyond it. But not at a higher price compared to other models.


Apple wants to provide the best at the least cost with the release of iPhone SE 2. Let’s wait for this beautiful product release and grab it whenever it is made available in the market. Will post you updated on more updates about iPhone SE 2 release and features.

Originally posted 2018-02-15 12:01:00.