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iPhone Frozen | My iPhone is frozen | Reset Frozen iPhone 6 Screen fix

Fix iPhone frozen screen

iPhone Frozen? Fix frozen iPhone Screen | Fix Unresponsive iPhone screen freezing issue:

My iPhone is frozen, don’t worry there is a fix and you can fix it. iPhone 6S is facing several issues with its iOS 9 operating system. This mobile is safe from the iPhone broken screen issue. iPhone 6 is having multiple issues like Home button overheating, 3D Touch not functioning, Sound issues and Turn off issues, along with these issues there is another issue of iPhone Frozen screen.

What is iPhone Frozen screen or Unresponsive iPhone Screen?

iPhone frozen Screen issue is the state of sudden stop of iPhone screen responsiveness on touch. At this state no touch works with iPhone screen. Screen will be in unresponsive state and you can not perform any touch operations like tap, long press, drag and etc. This can also be called as unresponsive iPhone screen or iPhone frozen screen.

Fix iPhone frozen screen

This freeze issue can remains up to 10 seconds for few times. At this moment you cannot perform any touch actions on iPhone screen. It will become responsive after 10 seconds and works as usual otherwise you need to fix by iPhone repair. This issue occurs may be due to less processor speed.

Few users complained that this iPhone frozen screen issue occurs when they try to open iPhone lock using fingerprint scanner or face detection.

How to fix iPhone frozen screen?

You can prevent these type of issue in multiple ways. By cleaning the iPhone screen time to time will make the frozen iPhone 6S screen interactive when it is in frozen state or unresponsive state. Try this as first step to fix unresponsive iPhone screen.

If the above fix doesn’t work try to reboot the mobile. You can reboot frozen iPhone by press and holding the power and home button simultaneously until you see apple logo on iPhone screen. This fix will reboot your device and the screen will become touch responsive.

If the above both fixes doesn’t work then try to reset frozen iPhone. Restore and backup the mobile data first and perform factory reset. Factory reset will reset your iPhone device and erases all settings those are performed in mobile.

If iPhone screen struck when you are using an application then the problem is with the app. In this case try to stop using the app. Let the app developer give a fix and wait until update available for that app.


Originally posted 2015-10-10 21:15:41.