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iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes | Reset iPhone Passcode

Disabled iPhone in iTunes

iPhone is disabled? Connect to iTunes or without iTunes connect; you can fix the issue in both the ways. What if you see a disabled iPhone for the time? Apparently, you will be worried right? Before going to see solutions to how to unlock a disabled iPhone? and forgot iPhone passcode? Let’s see what the reasons for a disabled iPhone are.

In this article, you can find more information on solutions to iPhone is disabled? Connect to iTunes or without iTunes connect. At first, we will look into the reasons for a disabled iPhone. If you are finding your iPhone in a disabled state, the reason for it is you might have entered an incorrect password knowingly or unknowingly.

Suppose, if you forgot passcode on iPad or iPhone and has entered an incorrect passcode for multiple times then your iPhone gets automatically disabled. And, suppose if your kid is using your iPhone and has attempted to unlock the iPhone or iPad by entering multiple keys unknowingly or swiping the device to unlock, it may disable your iPhone or iPad after multiple attempts. And, if there is any unlock swipe made when the device pressed by mistake in your pocket These are some of the reasons for iPhone being disabled.

Is iPhone disabled? Fix the issue without connecting to iTunes:

If you feel you forgot my iPhone passcode, then never try to provide multiple passcodes in a series. Just give a time gap whenever an incorrect passcode attempted. Suppose you have already tried some wrong passcodes and if you find your iPhone is disabled. Then don’t worry and don’t make any changes to it.

connect iPhone to iTunes

Just wait for few minutes, and your iPhone gets into normal mode. And, you can choose this procedure if your device attempted with series of three to five incorrect passcodes. In case, if you still find iPhone disabled, connect it to iTunes to resolve the issue immediately.

iPhone is disabled? Connect to iTunes to fix the issue:

Now let’s look into the procedure of how to unlock disabled iPhone? When you find your iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes,  To resolve the issue, Connect your device to iTunes on the PC or Mac which you have initially synced your device using Apple ID with the help of a USB cable. Make sure you already had a backup of all the contents on your device to the machine or to iCloud to restore the device content, and you remember your actual password. If not, the data gets erased from your device. It is the reason why always the regular backup of data must be maintained.

If you do not remember the actual, then there is no other option. You need to clean the device, and you will lose all your data. So, it’s always better to maintain a backup of information from the device. And, to open the device, you need to reset your passcode by connecting to iTunes.

How to reset passcode on iPhone using iTunes?

forgot iPhone passcode reset

To reset passcode on iPhone in recovery mode, turn off your iPhone and connect to Mac or PC with the help of USB cable. Launch iTunes and on your machine and press the Home button on iPhone continuously until you find an alert on iTunes saying that your iPhone detected in recovery mode. Now, choose the “Restore” option under Summary tab. When you restore your device the device switches to the factory settings, and you can reset your passcode.

It is how you can make iPhone disabled fix with simple steps.

Originally posted 2017-02-09 20:52:42.