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iPhone camera HDR settings | How to use camera HDR in iPhone


iPhone camera HDR is an advanced feature added to the iPhone camera. HDR in camera settings stood for High Dynamic Range imaging. It stabilizes the image taken at bright and dark scenarios.The output of the photo will be in high quality and with more clarity.

iPhone camera HDR mode ON / OFF or auto HDR

It is very simple to ON / OFF HDR mode in iPhone camera.

  1. Open the Camera in iPhone.
  2. Tap on Options.
  3. Slide beside HDR option to ON/OFF HDR mode.

The iPhone 5S with iOS 7.1 has the Auto HDR option. So that the iPhone 5s users can choose Auto HDR mode, It will automatically use HDR mode when it was needed.

What is HDR mode in Camera

HDR is an old technology in photography which initiated into mobile phones. It stabilizes the images taken by iPhone camera to best quality. As its name, High Dynamic Range implies it adds ‘dynamic range’ to your phone photographs. iPhone camera HDR will take care of brightness and darkness of iPhone camera photos. If you take a photo using iPhone camera HDR mode, it performs some operations in the background. Instead of taking a single picture it takes a series of 3 continuous photos in short span of time.

auto-hdr iphone

If you take a photo using iPhone camera HDR mode, it performs some operations in the background. Instead of taking a single picture it takes a series of 3 continuous photos in short span of time just like the Burst mode in iPhone camera. But it performs some additional operations than Burst mode.

iPhone camera HDR mode will analyze the three photos and picks the best parts of those three photos. And finally merges the best parts of the three photos into a single photo. All these editing is done automatically by iPhone camera HDR. No need to perform any operation manually than taking the photo in HDR mode. After editing the photos it will remove the previously taken three pictures and shows only one photo.


The main thing here to notice is when should we use iPhone camera in HDR mode and when we shouldn’t use in HDR mode. Remember that HDR mode will take a little longer than a Regular mode to take a photo. The time in HDR mode is a bit longer because iPhone will perform some internal operations to improve the quality of the photo that is taken by iPhone camera in HDR mode. Let’s check when to use HDR mode in iPhone camera.

When should you use iPhone camera HDR mode

You should take care of when to enable HDR mode in iPhone camera and when you should allow the HDR mode to get best quality photos. 

  • Brighter back light pictures 

    • When the back light of a photo is brighter
    • When light dominating the photo
      Then it is better to enable HDR mode.
    • When the foreground of the photo is darker (Or)
    • When the picture is not clear to see,
      By using HDR mode, it will take care of stabilizing the foreground of the photo and improves the quality.
  • Bright Light on Foreground and Sunlight

    • If there is brighter sunlight on the Foreground, then the reflection of light causes poor quality and dark shadows.
  • Landscape photos

    • The landscape photos are usually dark and poor quality while it capturing the earth to sky.
    • You always face that the landscape photos are poor in quality, Then use HDR to get the best quality of the photos minimizing the darkness.


When shouldn’t you use iPhone camera HDR mode

There are some scenes where you shouldn’t use HDR mode in iPhone camera. It will be worse than the regular photos if you use HDR mode.

  • Don’t use HDR mode while taking the photos of the moving objects. It will be worse because the capture time in HDR mode is a little longer than regular mode and also the object is in movement. So the photos in the movement will be worse in HDR mode.
  • If the scenes are high contrast or high lightning, then the HDR may fail to stabilize and may make brighter or darker. So don’t use camera HDR mode to take high contrast or high light photos.


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