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iPhone App Store| Registering Apple ID from Settings page or App store

iphone app store

What is iPhone App Store meant for?

In general, if you want to purchase a book or any groceries where do we step towards. Simply, to their respective stores right? What is the case if you want to purchase an app if it is either a paid app or free one? We need not travel to any store or place for purchasing them. Apple made them easier with in our finger tips. The App Store is available in the device itself. We have not only iPhone App Store, but also we do have even iPad App Store and iPod App Store. Each and every device designed by Apple has its own App Store.

What is the use of iPhone App Store?

Apple provides App Store for every iOS device such that it’s easy to download and install any app from App Store. In order to install an app from App Store you need to register with an Apple ID. You can register with the Apple ID on your device in two ways, either from Settings page or directly from App Store.

Register with an Apple ID from Settings page:

Launch Settings on your device and navigate to Settings page. Now scroll over the page to find iTunes and App Store. Tap iTunes and App Store Option and enter the Apple Id and password. Register with the username and password on your device.

Register with an Apple ID directly from App Store:

iphone app store

Launch App Store application on your device in order to register with an Apple ID directly from App Store. This App Store application is available by default. From App Store enter the Apple ID and password and register yourself in App Store.

From the iPhone App Store, you can view the Featured apps by default on the home screen, if you navigate to any other tab and needs to move to Featured apps tab then simply tap on the Featured Star icon.  View the Top Charts available on the App Store by tapping on Top Charts icon. Tap on the Near Me option to find the recommended programs that are popular in their locals based on its geo-location.

After registering with an Apple ID in either of these ways you are now capable of downloading and installing apps from App Store. Tap on the search icon to find apps by entering search text. Enter the text related to app name to find the relevant results. Tap on the Updates icon to view the latest updates from App Store. This is how App Store guides you to know about various apps and the latest updates.


Originally posted 2015-03-16 14:16:05.