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iPhone app for Amazon Echo look | How to download Alexa app for iPhone?

Amazon echo look alexa

Before going to know more details about iPhone app for Echo look, let’s find few things about Alexa app first. These days, the word Alexa has been the most familiar word to everyone. The day to day activities has become quite simple and easier with the latest introduction of Amazon devices, which got operated through Alexa.

Amazon’s integration with technology has laid a new generation of smart appliances. You can work all the smart devices at your home with the Amazon Alexa app and can make your home a smart home, and you can even operate the devices from anywhere in your home. You can even carry few smart devices with you where-ever you can and run them with no issues of moving here around.

The app that helps to operate all these devices is Alexa app. You can now find the iPhone app for Amazon Echo look on App Store.  This app is available for free and before you try to install the app make sure you are having iOS 9.0 or later versions of OS installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It is to ensure you are having the compatible version of iOS devices for the app installation.

How to download iPhone app for Amazon Echo look from App Store?

Coming to the download process of iPhone app for Alexa look from App Store, it is quite simple as you install your regular apps, but the only distinguish comes in its setup. Launch “App Store” on iPhone and search for Alexa app. Tap on “Install” below the app details, to get the app installed on your iOS device. That’s it you are done with the app installation.

Amazon Echo look with ios iphone

How to set up the Alexa look?

Now, let’s move on the major step, i.e., app setup. When you launch the Alexa app you will be guided through the installation process, if not you can even find the manual inside the app.

  • Just turn on Bluetooth on the device which you are planning to connect with Alexa.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi network on your iPhone.
  • Add the device WiFi to the iPhone network,
  • Connect the device and iPhone either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi address.

That’s it, you did with the set-up process, and you can start interactions with Amazon devices using Alexa. You can manage most of your activities with Alexa with just simple regular commands. Get the app on your iPhone and manage all your daily activities with command based instructions rather than choosing everything manually.

Originally posted 2017-06-06 23:49:35.