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iPhone 7 Red- Apple Special Edition

Red iPhone 7 Red

For the one’s who love Red the most, Apple has released out a special edition of iPhone 7 in Red apart from its regular colors. This thought of iPhone 7 Red Special Edition is a unanimous thought for the first time by Apple to release a special edition of iPhone in a special color. Let’s get into the details of the special reasons for releasing out this product.

Reason behind iPhone7 Red release

We know iPhone 7 was released out in Gold, Black, Silver, Jet Black and Rose Gold colors and these are the regular colors which we see for the regular releases. But for the first time, a thought came in mind to deliver an iPhone 7 in Red color.

The reason behind this is for a good cause. Yes, it’s true. To donate a certain amount of income that Apple gains on these iPhone 7 Red purchases by its customers to the Global Fund.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Red image

The contributions towards Global Fund will be utilized to support AIDS/HIV programs. The main agenda of this is to ensure to have an AIDS-free generation. Their motto is to promote AIDS-free generation where none of the individuals should come across these problems.

The intention behind it is very good and also received a huge applause from all its users and the citizens of different countries, thus Apple stood as the best organization in bringing out such a great thought.

iPhone 7 Red Models

As the other models of iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 in Red is also available in two models, i.e., iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches display. You will not find any difference in the features of these devices in Red with the regular color versions and the only difference you can identify is its color.

So, even if you are having a regular iPhone 7, and you wish to have it in Red, you can simply upgrade to this latest color and can also be a contributor to the Global Fund. You can either upgrade through a one-time payment or monthly payments.

Apple iPhone 7 Red Price

Coming to the price of iPhone 7 Red of 4.7 inches, it costs around $749 and the iPhone 7 Plus Red of 5.5 inches costs around $869. Start purchasing this first ever edition or upgrade to it and be a contributor to a good cause.

Originally posted 2017-08-18 20:58:57.