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Apple iPhone 7 Innovative Screen Rumors, Price, Release Date

apple iPhone 7 innovative screen

Apple iPhone 7 Innovative Screen Rumors, Price, Release Date

We have seen the new features on iPhone 6, so far. Now, comes the era of iPhone7. The upcoming feature in it based on the iPhone 6 concept is the innovative screen. Yes, guys, you have heard right, iPhone 7 Innovative Screen.

iPhone 7 rumors

Rumors spreading on iPhone 7 Innovative Screen

Based on the concept of iPhone 6, the upcoming iPhone 7 Innovative Touch Screen is going to be released. Where you can find all the menu options by a single Touch.

  1. First, coming to the Home Screen, tap on the Home icon to launch the home screen.
  2. Now, Tap on the center of the home screen so that you can find the Social Networking apps such as Twitter, Facebook etc.
  3. You can also see the notifications of those apps, below the Social Networking apps.

This iPhone7 Innovative Screen is user-friendly and easy to use. You can enjoy the look and feel of iPhone 7 Innovative Screen. It is developed in a very efficient way, that you will like the single touch concept on the iPhone 7 Innovative Screen. 

Turn your device in such a way that you view the left side edge bar. In the left edge of the iPhone, you can find four icons Speaker volume, ‘+’, ‘–’ volume icons, menu icon; here we no longer have the buttons. Completely the iPhone 7 Innovative Screen is touch based.

You can increase or decrease your volume by tapping on the ‘+’, ‘ –’ volume icons. Tap on the Menu bar icon which is the fourth icon on the left edge. When you tap on the menu bar you can find the options such as Torch, Alarm, Calendar, and Camera.

You can hide the menu options by tapping anywhere on the screen, below the date on the iPhone7 home screen. The trend of buttons has been completely removed, except the home button, everything is launched with a single touch. iPhone7 is going to be completely touch based.

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You can also, find a Light Indicator at the bottom of the iPhone 7 Innovative Screen. When the battery level in your phone is low, it will indicate you with a Red light. If you have plugged in charging to your iPhone 7 if it fully charged it will indicate you with a Greenlight.

The light starts a glowing show you the indications of fully charged or low battery in Green and Red light indications. Now, it is easy for you to recognize your iPhone battery level.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Soon after iPhone 6 release, people started searching for iPhone7. People are showing interest on the successor of iPhone 6, Maybe it is due to iPhone 6 didn’t reach users expectations. iPhone lovers searching for iPhone7 price and iPhone release date etc. The sad news it will take minimum 9 more months to be released.

We can expect iPhone7 release date after September 2015. So iPhone lovers wait until September 2015. The price of iPhone7 will be higher than iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 7 Price

If we see apple strategy on iPhone models, it is increasing the price of iPhone than its previous model. But apple manufacturing 2 or 3 models every time by minimizing the specifications. The price of a high-end model of iPhone 7 will be around $799 to $999.

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