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iPhone 7 colors

New Apple iPhone 7 rumors on features, release date, price and design | iPhone 7 Concept:

Now it is the time for iPhone 7. Apple recently launched its iPhone 6S and also introduced new features like 3D Touch, Touch ID Fingerprint scanner and more. Still the searches for new iPhone 7 are growing without giving any gap to the iPhone 6S sales. This is may be due to iPhone users are not interested in iPhone 6S or they may be planning to replace their old mobile with iPhone7 or may be they are waiting to buy new model Apple iPhone7 with few more new features. If you belongs to one of the above then you must wait one more year to buy iPhone 7.

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Apple iPhone 7 Release date rumors:

Even though Apple didn’t mention the official release date of iPhone 7 it can be assumed based on its previous releases. Yes, now it is the hot topic of iPhone7 and the more people searching for iPhone 7 rumors. Few are saying that the release of new iPhone 7 will not happen this year or first half of the next year that is 2016. The iPhone7 release date will be around October, 2016. So you must have to wait for one more year to experience the iPhone7 features. And wait for few more months to see the iPhone7 designs and you can see few iPhone7 leaked images.

New iPhone 7 rumors on features:

We are all know that Apple has introduced few new features in iPhone 6S. Probably Apple will concentrate on improvising these features by providing perfection and accuracy in iPhone7. Means Apple will improvise 3D Touch and Touch Id and some more features.

Apple iPhone7

New iPhone7

Water proof iPhone7:

iPhone 6S is also a waterproof mobile. iPhone 6S can be dipped in water for 30 minutes and it will not damage. As per the rumors new iPhone7 will be the waterproof mobile from Apple. They are making this mobile with waterproof concept.

New iPhone 7 Screen:

Apple is not making large screen size mobiles. Previously the iPhone 6 received many complaints about iPhone broken screen. So iPhone releasing always releasing two flavors of the mobile with smaller screen size and larger screen size. Apple putting the larger screen size mobile as iPhone Plus.

This time also we can expect two models of iPhone7. Those are iPhone7 (approx. 4.9 inches screen) and iPhone 7 Plus (approx. 5.5 inches screen).

iPhone 7 Colors:

As we already seen MacBook and iPads with color variations of Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Grey; we can also expect new iPhone7 with all these four color variants.

iPhone7 colors

iPhone7 body:

iPhone7 is going to be built with non-metal chassis. This could be dust proof mobile also a water proof mobile from Apple. This are the rumors of the iPhone7 body type.

iPhone 7 price rumors:

The price of the iPhone7 will be higher compare to the iPhone 6 model because Apple implementing iPhone7 with more features than iPhone 6 and also changing the design of the new iPhone.

iPhone 7 leaked image of design

It is also rumor that Apple will release iPhone7 with few more new features as it is introduced in iPhone 6S and the design of the iPhone7 also will be changed completely to give a new look to its apple iPhone users. So get ready for the new iPhone design with its upcoming devices but probably in second half of the year 2016.


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