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iPhone 6C leaked images | iPhone6C Price, Specs, release date, rumors

iPhone 6C slim colourful design

Is iPhone 6C going to be released Apple?

Have you began using iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Did you like them? Obviously the answer is yes right? In order to make you feel more comfort in carrying the iPhone, Apple thought of releasing a new model of iPhone with all the latest features and having iOS 8 installed on them. It may look mostly like iPhone 5C but with slight differences in the features. It is going to be the future release. We have already seen the amazing features that were available in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We can also expect most of these amazing features in iPhone 6C also.

iPhone 6C Specs, Features and Price rumors:

iPhone 6C rumors design

The iPhone 6C is going to have a 4-inch display with iOS 8 installed on it. When compared to iPhone 5C this is going to have much better options. In case of iPhone 5C we have seen one hole for speaker whereas the new model is going to have two holes at the bottom which provides a loud speaker and makes the audio much more audible. Coming to the physical boy, the plastic body which is with iPhone 5C is going to be replaced with a metallic body in case of iPhone 6C.

iPhone6C leaked images

Coming to the camera options, it is provided with a different camera hole which is ever observed and is going to be in the shape of an oval. The overall physical appearance and the features are going to more advanced than iPhone 5C and Apple is expecting more positive feedback for this product. We can also expect few applications like Health kit available with this product. We may also expect iPhone 6S release after the release of iPhone 6C and with much better features. After this releases rumors exists that Apple is going to release iPhone 7 with an innovative screen. Before the release of iPhone 7 Apple is planning to release iPhone 6C and iPhone 6S and is willing to gain the market rate more for their products. Hopefully this time they make take care of the failures and may release the product which satisfies the customers in more efficient way.

iPhone6c images leaked

The price of the iPhone 6C will be around $450 as per the rumors. The release dates of iPhone 6C is rumored as August – September 2015


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