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iPhone 6 unboxing

iPhone 6 Unboxing or iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing process:

IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the latest models of iPhone’s in the market which are released recently in the year 2014. These are the lightest weight devices till now, which Apple has ever released. It has many upgraded features with the latest iOS 8. It has many features like Handoff Continuity, Family Sharing, iCloud Drive and Group Messaging etc… Hurry up and order for the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. Once, you receive the branded iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, you need to unbox it. Before knowing the procedure how the iPhone 6 Unboxing is done, let’s see what is meant by unboxing?

iPhone 6 Unboxing:
The term iPhone 6 unboxing indicates removal of the contents from a packed or sealed box. The new iPhone 6 device comes in a completely sealed box, where you need to unbox it. In order to unbox the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus you just need a scissor. A scissor is enough to perform the entire unboxing procedure. Take the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus packed box in to your hands and cut the outer edges of the iPhone 6 box with the scissor.  Be careful, while cutting the outer edges of the box and remove the plaster cover which is covered over the box.  Completely remove the entire outer cover and open the box.

removing the outer covering while iPhone 6 unboxing

iPhone 6 Unboxing

When you open the outer layer of the box, you can find the iPhone or iPhone 6 Plus device. Take the iPhone 6 into your hands and press the button which is on the right side of the device. Now, your device gets turned on. Place the iPhone 6 somewhere on the table and pull the white colored booklet which is inside the box. This user manual contains the complete procedure of how the device can be used. Whenever, you need a clarification regarding the usage of the device, refer to the user manual. The user manual comes in a white colored disclosure cover. Open the cover to see the user manual.

iPhone 6 unboxing with iPhone 6 Accessories in box:
If you pull up the manual, at the bottom of the box you can find other components which are properly arranged. The other components that also exist in the box along with iPhone 6 are ear phones, USB cable and power adapter. You can plugin charging to the iPhone 6 by placing the USB cable pin end in to the adapter and other end to the device.  And, the headset that comes along with the iPhone 6 is very comfortable and fits well into the ears, which makes you enjoy when listening to music or any audio on the device.

Unfavorable conditions while iPhone 6 Unboxing:
It is very necessary to take care while iPhone 6 unboxing. There may be chances of iPhone is falling down if you don’t care about it. Make sure that the box is not so high from the floor while iPhone 6 unboxing or put some support under the box while iPhone 6 unboxing to protect the device even though you made some mistakes while iPhone 6 unboxing. Make sure to not open the box if water or fire is on the floor or any of your surroundings for safe side.

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