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iPad, iPhone Lock Screen | Lost or Forgot Passcode Recovering

iPhone lock screen

iPad, iPhone Lock Screen for iOS 8

What is Passcode lock?
You are using a device and you don’t want other people to access it; in such cases in order to provide privacy for your device. You can set this privacy using Passcode. When you lock your device, generally you need to slide to slide to unlock it.  So any person can unlock by just sliding over the screen. So many thoughts come to your mind of how to provide a secure unlock mechanism to avoid unauthorized access of your device. Here is the solution. By settings a Passcode you can make your device private and secured. What is this Passcode exactly meant by? We have passwords for our Gmail, Facebook, yahoo etc.. accounts right. Why can’t we provide such kind of password on your iPad, iPhone Lock Screen? This idea came into existence as Passcode. When you set this Passcode, you can only unlock your iPad, iPhone Lock Screen  by entering the Passcode. So, that your device is much secured and private.

How to set Passcode:
In order to set Passcode, navigate to the Settings tab on your device. Scroll over the Settings tab, you will find Passcode option. Tap on Passcode option and navigate to Passcode tab. Tap on “Turn Passcode On” to set a passcode for the iPad, iPhone Lock Screen.

iPhone Lock Screen passcode settings

When you tap on Turn Passcode On, a pop-up will be displayed asking to Set Passcode enter any desired code of 4 characters (say, 1234). You will be asked to re-enter the passcode for the second time.  Entered code will be set as your Passcode on your iPad, iPhone Lock Screen. You can change your passcode by tapping on Change Passcode option. When you tap on Change Passcode option, a pop-up will be displayed asking you to Change Passcode. Enter old code followed by the new code, your passcode gets re-set on your device. You can also time limit for the passcode requirement.

iPhone Lock Screen passcode lock

Tap on Require Passcode to set the time limit. Select the time limit from the set of pre-defined time limits. When you select this time limit your device gets auto-locked after the selected time limit.

iPhone Lock Screen passcode change

You can also, you more than 4 characters code and alphabets in passcode. You can do this by just turning off the toggle button beside Simple Passcode. When you turn off this toggle button, a pop-up will be displayed to Change Passcode. Enter your old passcode and then enter a new passcode which may consist of alphabets, special characters and numbers. You can even enable enable/disable few apps to appear on your iPad, iPhone Lock Screen. You can select the Erase Data option to auto erase the content when a person enters invalid passcode for more than 10 times.

How to recover your device when you lost or forget Passcode:
Did you forget your passcode. You are unable open your device. Here is a solution for this problem. Install iTunes in your PC or MAC. Connect the device to your machine. Click on the device name. Select iCloud or This Computer options to store the backup of your device. Select the type of storage and tap on Back Up Now and maintain back up of your device. Once the back is done, click on Restore device either iPad or iPhone. Your device now gets re-stored to its previous state. Now you can restore data from your machine or iCloud to your device by tapping on Re-store Backup button.

iPhone Lock Screen passcode lost

Originally posted 2014-10-17 17:49:31.