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iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Yalu102 – Cydia Extender Downloader

Cydia Extender app resign

Yalu 102 is the Jailbreak iOS version for iOS 10.2 for iPhones and iPads. Installing Jailbreak iOS on your iOS device is became easy using Yalu. This Yalu102 lets you unlock your locked iPhone or iPhones bought in the contracts using Verizon, Sprint, At&T, etc.

Yalu 102 Jailbreak

Install Yalu 102 to Jailbreak your iPhone with iOS 10.2. But there is a problem with Yalu 102, that is signing problem. Everyone, those who got installed Yalu 102 must have to resign the Jailbreak OS every week. If you are one among them, then use our solution to resign or reinstall the Yalu 102 Jailbreak with Cydia Extender and without using any PC.

Cydia Extender

Jay Freeman aka Saurik is a community member of Jailbreaking iOS team. He created this Cydia Extender app to resolve Jailbreak resigning effort. This tool is used to install the apps without using any PC. But it needs a paid apple id to sign the app and also you can use free apple id with some tricks.

Cydia Extender Downloader

Cydia Extender Downloader is the solution for the Resign/ Reinstall Yalu problem. By using Cydia Extender, you need not use any PC to resign or reinstall Yalu for every one week. It is an app comes with Cydia Impactor and automatically installs on your Jailbroken device. It reduces the steps to resign your Jailbreak iOS.

Cydia Extender Yalu 102 resign

Installing Yalu 102

Follow the below steps to Install Yalu 102 Jailbreak on your iOS device using Cydia Extender

  • Use the Url https://apt.enduniverse.com/cydia/ as a source repository in Cydia.
  • Once the Cydia new packages got installed and refreshed the sources, search for Cydia Extender Installer Package and install it.
  • This version doesn’t ask for a paid apple id to sign the app.
  • Now install iFile and MTerminal packages from the repository BigBoss Repo.
  • Open iFile and browse the file “/var/containers/Bundle/Application/yalu102/yalu102.app” and open embedded.mobileprovision using a text editor. Find the Team ID code under ApplicationIdentifierPrefix key and note it down.
  • Open the MTerminal app and type the command SU and then the Root Password. The default password is alpine. Next enter cyextender followed by a space and Team ID code that you noted in the previous step.

Remove Yalu 102 JailBreak

To move further, you need to remove the Jailbreak. Remove Yalu 102 and follow the below steps. Now Install Cydia Extender on your device. While installing the app, it may ask to enable VPN, so enable it.

  1. Now, Disable Cydia Extender app from App Switcher and Reboot the device. After the device Reboot put the device in JailBreak mode.
  2. Now open the Cydia Extender and wait until it auto-launch Safari app and asking for a Profile to install.
  3. Install the app by allowing the settings and entering the passcode if required.
  4. Now go to yalu.qwertyoruiop.com in Safari browser.
  5. Select Blue IPA Label > More > Cydia Extender from Share options. It opens the.IPA file</em by following this option.
  6. Now Cydia Extender will re-launches and asks you enter your apple id. Enter apple id and allow the app to make configurations itself.
  7. Now Cydia Extender asks to install Yalu 102. Tap on Install and wait until it completes the installation.

Resign Certificate Yalu 102

The duration of the certificates for Yalu 102 is just seven days; later you need to resign the app using your Apple id. Then repeat the steps from Step 4 as above mentioned to resign the Yalu 102 certificate.

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