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All about iOS 7:

 iOS7 is a new version of mobile operating system for iPhone devices from a whole new perspective. iOS7 initial release on Sep 18, 2013 and the latest stable version is iOS7.0.4 which is released on Nov 14, 2013. The major changes made in iOS7 are user interface and numerous functionality changes and also the features AirDrop for iOS, Control center and multitasking are included in iOS7. iOS7 can be installed in iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. But in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S some features are not compatible.

iOS 7

UI iOS7:
Check the below iOS7 designs for iPhone. The UI is totally changed compare to the the older iOS versions. Soon after releasing the iOS7 , So many iPhone users are installed the new iOS7 in their devices. This iOS version has rich look but its a head ache problem for iOS developers. The compatibility of the apps to iOS7 is became a problem. Personally I have faced this problem. iPhone alert messages customization is deprecated in iOS7, So the customized alert messages not works good in iOS7. There are so many compatible problems with iOS7. So many apps needs updates to provide iOS7 compatibile.

UI iOS 7


UI Buttons iOS 7


iOS 7 Compatible iPhones : 

–   iPhone 5S.

–   iPhone 5C.

–   iPhone 5.

–   iPhone 4S.

–   iPhone 4.

iOS 7 Features Compatibility :

iOS7 compatibility

–   iPhone 5S         :      All features works fine

–   iPhone 5C         :      All features works fine

–   iPhone 5            :      All features works fine

–   iPhone 4S         :      Filters in Camera app AirDrop are not compatible.

–   iPhone 4            :      Filters in Camera app, AirDrop, Panoramic photos and Siri are not compatible.

This is all about iOS7 compatibility for all iPhone products. The iOS7 features depends on your iPhone model.Mostly the AirDrop feature compatibility varies with your iPhone model. Apple released iOS7.1 to overcome the problems that arose in iOS7. The newer version iOS 8 also going to be released for iPhone devices. Keep on checking for the powerful iOS 8 updates.

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