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iOS 8 features are outstanding


iOS 8 features:

iOS 8 is the successor of iOS 7. The iOS 8 features are good compare to its previous versions. Apple mainly concentrated on UI related changes in iOS 7. And now working to improve functional performance of iOS in iOS 8. Apple team is going to add a significant features in iOS 8. Apple is expecting to release iOS 8 in this year(2014). There is a huge competition between iOS and Android. Android already released its new version of operating system is Android 4.4 Kit Kat. There are some drawbacks with Kit Kat OS, so with iOS 8 Apple will regain its position in market. Apple is planning to add new features in iOS 8. Mainly it concentrating on Siri, Maps, iTunes radio and Mobile payments. Also adding the features Healthbook, Text edit and Preview applications etc.

iOS 8 features

Apple also improvises iCloud for iOS 8. After announcing iCloud Apple is looking forward to improve the integrate this with iOS. iPhone Users will have direct access to iCloud. Users can store data in cloud storage and can access files from cloud storage easily and smoothly. Apple also wants to integrate this iCloud with Mac OS , iOS. So that users can access the storage from iPhones, iPad, iPod and Mac book.

iOS 8 features :

ios 8 look

Design :
Expecting very few changes will be made in this new version of iOS. As Apple Inc. is concentrating on the additional functionalities there will no much UI changes.

Maps iOS 8 features :
Apple Maps is Apple’s native maps application. In previous versions the maps is failed in accuracy and navigation etc. Now in iOS 8 Apple is working on Maps and will bring improvements in Maps.

Siri iOS 8 features :
Voice assistance application for iPhone is Siri. Siri voice is already bagged the users appreciation. Though this Siri voice is best application for iPhone, Apple still working on Siri to bring more improvements. By this Siri will become more voice interactive to users.

iTunes Radio iOS 8 features :
iTunes Radio is iPhone’s music streaming service. You can access iTunes Radio through music app for iOS 7. Now it going to be a standalone application in iOS 8. You can browse music and manage channels in in this standalone application.

Health Book, Text Edit and Preview iOS 8 features :

ios 8 new features

These are new applications which will be available in iOS 8 features. It is a fitness application. It is rumored that Health Book application is connected with iWatch. It tracks users heart rate, calories burned etc.

Text Edit and Preview apps will be expansion of iCloud. These apps to view documents and to edit the test etc. It is more than a text editing application.

The release of iOS 8 may be in last quarter of 2014.

Originally posted 2014-03-23 13:37:14.