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iOS 8 features in detail and iOS 8.1 Beta with Apple pay and Touch id

iOS 8 features new

iOS 8 Features in detail:
iOS 8Apple has come up with the new operating system iOS 8 on September 17 2014. Apple introduced  ‘8’ new features in iOS 8 release. Lets have a glance of these new iOS 8 features.

Photos new iOS 8 features:
 iOS 8 search  You have multiple photos in your gallery. You can now search for your photos using the latest ‘Search option’. You can search your photos in iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch by the date the photo was taken, by location or by album name. Finding photo becomes simpler within a short span of time. Open your Photos Gallery and tap on the ‘Search’ icon. Now you will be provided with a search bar to search for the specified photos.

iOS 8 features photos

Enter the date or location or album name in the search bar to start searching. You will be provided with a list of options selected the desired one. You can even clear the entered text by tapping on the one time clear icon (X) in the search bar. You can add a photo under ‘Favourites’ list by tapping on the heart icon.
iOS 8 heart icon

You can edit the newly taken photos or existing photos using the ‘Edit’ option. iOS 8 introduced a new advanced photo editing options compared to iOS 7.


You can enhance your photos, remove red eye and ideal cropping is provided to your photos by automatically straightening the horizons using a 360 degree scaling mechanism.

iOS 8 features

You can even filter photos  by tapping on tri-circular icon and can select the kind of filter you required.

iOS 8 photos filters

You can even provide lighting effects, adjust color and brightness etc. by tapping on the circular icon surrounded with dots.

iOS 8 photo adjustments

And we were also provided with a new option while capturing images i.e. Time-Lapse. Start taking snapshots at dynamic desired intervals. The final result would now be a video showing the accelerated sequence of the photos that you have taken over the period of time. Tap on the Camera option in your device and swipe to select Time-lapse mode, and the tap on the Record button, and let Camera record as long as you desired to take snapshots.

camera iOS 8

Messages new iOS 8 Features:

Till now you have only seen sending text messages or images through message. Now with the latest iOS 8 we can even send voice through the message.

Now you can send voice along with the message. You can record your voice using the microphone option. Tap on the microphone and record the voice and once you are done with recording release it. Your voice gets attached to the message. And you can now send it to anyone.


Hold microphone icon to record the voice as shown in the image. And, then release to save it. The voice gets auto attached with the message.
voice message

  • Adding/deleting people from the group conversation.
  • You can leave the conversation at any moment.
  • You can even share your location for a period of time in the middle of conversation.

iOS 8 message features

  • View the attachments in the viewer without going back to the very first exchange or without scrolling through the previous messages.

message attachments iOS 8

  • Share multiple photos / videos at a time and also you can add comments for the images after selection of image.

iOS 8 messages

Design iOS 8 features:
Interactive notification banners for Messages, Calendar invitations, Mails, Third party apps, Reminders. You are on a particular screen or working on an app suddenly you got a notification banner of Messages, Calendar invitations or Mails. Then in such cases

  • You can directly reply to a message without leaving an app.
  • You can accept or decline an invitation from the notification banner.
  • You can even view email or you can even move it to trash without leaving the screen you’re on.

iOS 8 notification

Recent and Favorites displayed in Multitasking interface iOS 8 features:
From the screen you are on, in order to see the multitasking interface just press the Home button twice. At the top of the screen, you’ll find faces of people you’ve recently talked to and if you swipe to the right you can view your favourite contacts as well. If you want to call to a person just tap on the desired person, or even you can text or start a FaceTime call with the desired person.

iOS 8 recent

Time saving features in Mail iOS 8 features:
Go to your mail inbox, just swipe to make an email as read or flag it .You can also easily move between a draft email and an email in your inbox to gather the information that is needed to compose your message. If you’ve read an email but you need to read it again later, swipe right and then just switch to unread option. When you Swipe left it will give you choose to flag a message, move it to a desired folder or move it to Trash. You can delete a mail by moving your finger all the way to the left and by tapping on Delete.

time saving

Tab view in Safari is implemented in iPad iOS 8 features:
Till now we have seen the Safari tab view only in iPhone, now we can have this iOS 8 feature even in iPad also. You can view all your web pages that are opened in different tabs using this tab view. You can select any of the web pages from the tabs listed. You will be provided with a Sidebar which slides out to reveal your Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links. This Tab view shows not only all the open tabs on your iPad, it will also show you the tabs on your other devices too.

tab view
Keyboard new iOS 8 features:
Auto-suggestions in keyboard
are shown when user enters any text. Write sentences become easier with the new auto-suggestions in keyboard. Because as you type few characters, you’ll see few choices of words or phrases which you’d probably type next, based on your previous conversations and way of style you write. The new iOS 8 takes into account the casual style you use in Messages and the more formal language that you probably use in Mail. Your conversation data is kept only on your device, so it’s always private.

The iOS 8 predictive text engine iOS 8 features is optimized for all the languages around the world. Which means you’ll get few suggested words as well as phrases that are appropriate for your language. The languages that are supported include English, which is optimized for the counties such as US, UK, Canada and Australia; French; German; Italian; Portuguese which is optimized for counties such as Brazil; Spanish; and Thai. And Japanese Kanji, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese input continue to feature predictive input.

  • New ThirdParty Keyboard experiences in new iOS 8 features.
  • Instead of the classic type of typing the characters you are provided with advanced swipe to select the characters. For the first time, iOS 8 opens up the keyboard even to the developers. Few New- Third party keyboards are available, from which you’ll be able to choose your favourite input method or layout system wide.

Family sharing iOS 8 features:

With the new family sharing feature six people can share same the iTunes and App Store account for purchases. You can enjoy the facility of paying for family purchases with a single credit card. You must enable “Ask to Buy” toggle button which is required to provide children for granting permissions before making iTunes and App Store purchases in new iOS 8 features.

family sharing

You can even create Apple ID for those children who are under 13 years old so they can participate in family sharing in new  iOS 8 features. When child requests for purchases it will yield a pop up for parent.

family sharing ios 8

If parent reviews it then purchase will be done for child. In this way it asks for permissions during purchases.

And, if we login with same iCloud account in multiple devices say, at least two or all the photos and calendar events will be displayed in both of them at same time and place in this new iOS 8 features.

family sharing ios 8-1

You can share your location and even you can view all people’s location. By sharing your location every one can know where the person is exactly located and they can meet each other.


iCloud Drive new iOS 8 features:
Can store any kind of document through iCloud Drive. With the iCloud Drive you can do your work with the document of desired type on the device of your choice. As with iCloud Drive, you can store all kind of documents such as spreadsheets, PDFs, images, presentations and even any other kind of document in iCloud and can access them from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Mac or even using PC.

iCloud Drive iOS 8










Store/ Create a new document by using an iCloud-enabled app on your iOS device.

If you want to upload your files to iCloud, just simply drag them into the iCloud Drive folder on your Mac which is running OS X Yosemite or PC running Windows 7 or later. In order to start a new document using iCloud Drive makes sure that an iCloud-enabled app is available on your iOS device. So that you can now able to access those documents from all your devices in which you are registered with the same iCloud account.

Any changes performed in one device through iCloud will be saved in other devices even when u have logged in with iCloud account.
Suppose you have started creating a new document in one device and you have stopped writing the text at the middle. You can continue writing the text in any other device if your device has the same iCloud account which is previously used in other device.  Any changes performed in one device through iCloud will be saved in other devices even when u have logged in with iCloud account. Apps on your device can now even share files that mean you can access and work on the same file across multiple apps.

Health new iOS 8 feature:
iOS 8 introduced the new Health app which provides you an dashboard of your health and fitness data. And a new tool for developers called HealthKit was created which allows accessing all the incredible health and fitness apps. New health revolution was established with iOS 8. We can get all data such as heart rate, blood sugar, calories burned and cholesterol. At one place will get all the data which is accessible and gives you a clear and current overview of your health. You can also create an emergency medical ID card with important health information.

Dashboard iOS 8 features:
In dashboard we have Quick view of your most recent health and fitness on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You have complete control of exporting the date of health and fitness app.

health dashboard

Health data iOS 8 features:
In Health data iOS 8 features we have different types of data being managed by Health. You can provide each and every data related to health such as Body Measurements, Fitness, Nutrition, Results of health check up and Vitals etc.

health data

We can even get data from other app sources

Medical id iOS 8 features:
Medical id is to create an emergency card which contains the major recent health details which a user enters. It is even accessible from your Lock screen. You can even back up your health data to iCloud.
medical id ios 8

Continuity iOS 8 features:
In order to use this iOS 8 feature you must have the Handoff functionality in your device. To see whether the Handoff functionality in your device is in your device or not, just go to Settings page and tap on ‘General’. From the ‘General’ settings you can find the ‘Handoff & Suggested Apps’ feature. Tap on the disclosure button of ‘Handoff & Suggested Apps’ and enable the ‘Handoff’ toggle button. Now the continuity will be available in your device.

continuity iOS 8

Using the Handoff functionality you can start doing an action in one device and can continue in other. You can use handoff with your favourite apps like Mail, Safari, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts etc. And even developers were provided to build Handoff into their apps too. Even you can answer call/ text message from any device, if your devices are running in the same Wi-Fi/ hotspot.

manage devices iOS 8

Suppose, if you are not in the range of Wi‑Fi, your iPad or Mac can connect to your phone’s personal hotspot if your iPhone is close by.  Using this Hotspot feature, the name of your iPhone will be in the list of Wi‑Fi networks in Settings on your iPad and in the Wi‑Fi menu on your Mac. Just connect to it by selecting it. And if you’re not using your phone’s network, your devices gets automatically is connected to save battery life of your device.

IOS 8.1 Beta with Apple Pay and Touch Id:
Apple is planning to include the new features Apple Pay and Touch Id in iOS 8.1 version. These two are most exciting and useful features in iOS 8.1 Beta.

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