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iOS 8.4 features: Apple Music, iBooks, Security and stable updates

iOS 8.4 features

Few interesting features of iOS 8.4:

As we all aware that Apple continuously releases new iOS for its users to provide better functionalities than earlier. Even though there may slight disappointments or failures in the latest iOS, it has many more interesting features which overcomes this. This is in general which happens. As part of the new releases Apple has released iOS 8.4 by the end of June. Many people have updated to this latest. Even though they are few failures which disappointed the people they are also few features which made it quite interesting. Let’s see those features in detail.

Fixture of issues that exists in iOS 8:

With the release of iOS 8.4 many issues that exist in iOS 8 are fixed. These fixtures relates to GPS accessories, Device reboot due to receipt of Unicode characters and Apple Watch.

iOS 8.4 features

Apple Music:

So far we have enjoyed the paid version of Apple Music, here after by installing iOS 8.4 you can enjoy free trail up to few weeks. This free trail can be availed on the new iOS installation itself as it doesn’t exist with iOS 8.


The most key essential part of any OS is to provide security. As part of this with the release of iOS 8.4 many security essentials were kept in mind and an effective which provides security was delivered to their users. It provides much security while protecting the important files that exists on your device. Compared to the previous releases, security can be appreciated with respect to this new release.


The iBooks were better modified with the new iOS 8.4 releases.  Using the iBooks you can browse, download audiobooks and listen to them. Along with iPad, these iBooks also work on iPhone and provides all new audiobooks to the users. You can also purchase the audiobooks with a pre-order from your audio library. This time the default font was set to Chinese and improves accessibility to the glossary and widgets. The Auto-Night theme settings were also modified, you can now turn off the Auto-Night theme which is available in your library. And also the purchase related issue was also resolved.

Stable Update:

The new iOS 8.4 software was much stable compared to the earlier OS. As far as of now we can say a stable progress was observed on all the latest iPad’s as well as iPhone’s.

These are the few interesting features about iOS 8.4


Originally posted 2015-07-30 21:49:19.