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iOS 11 update for Apple Pay, DND, Control Center, Siri, Maps features

iOS 11 updates for iphone

Apple is coming back again with the latest version of iOS, i.e., iOS 11. Most of you were aware that every year Apple comes up with the latest iOS, and this year by the third quarter we are going to get the most amazing latest Apple iOS. This mobile operating system is going to be more advanced than ever had and let’s look into the most interesting Apple iOS 11 features. We have listed you the top Apple iOS 11 features in short.

iOS 11 Features

Advanced File App

Hereafter, you need not worry about your files stored in different sources on your mobile, iCloud or Dropbox, etc.. Everything you can find and browse from a simple app called “Files” app, where the existing Files app was designed in such a way to provide these capabilities and benefits.

Camera and Live Photos

With the latest Apple iOS 11, the live pictures are made livelier. Choose Loop or Bounce or Long Exposure for your Live Photos and make fun with them. You can see your Photos in a whole light and with the next generation “compression technology” you can take pictures with the same quality as before compression.

Multitasking and the new Dock

The multitasking feature was made better, you can open any app from the dock, and both the apps remain in the active state. You can actively work on both the apps and the dock was also made available from any screen. You can pick your desired app from the dock by staying in any display. Switching between apps was made quite simple with this advanced feature.

Scan and Sign

The New “Document Scanner” available in Notes automatically scans the document and crops the edges and also removes any glare or tilt. Fill in the blanks with necessary information and sign it with Apple Pencil. And, the scanned document can be saved or shared as desired.

Simple Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature was made easier than earlier. Just give a touch to drag and drop things using the multitasking feature. Open the two applications from which you need to drag and drop the image or video or file, just give a touch to drag the file to the desired application that opened.

Apple Pay enhancements

Apple Pay enhanced to send money to anyone. In iOS 11, the Apple Pay app is improved to send money to anyone. You can send money to anyone with your friends or family in two simple steps.

send money using apple pay

Apple Pencil and Inline Drawing

We use “Apple Pencil” draw a sketch but this you not only draw a sketch and color it, but you can also even use it to take “Instant Notes” and to be creative yourself. You can make an instant markup on any file, for example, a pdf file, pick up your Apple pencil and mark on the document as you do with a pen on paper.

With the Inline Drawing, draw as you desired in the Notes and interestingly the text can move around it move aside automatically. And, you can even search the written words, this is the most fantastic feature which makes your search easier.

App Store and Siri

The App Store was featured better to provide the user-friendly experience, and the “Siri” has become more intelligent than earlier. It can even translate you the text in different languages.

Keyboard and quick typing

The keyboard is more enhanced for fast typing which helps you to text with a single hand without the need of another when you are tired.

Control Center

Apple re-designed the control center to include all the features into a single page. Now it is a new look, and all the shortcuts are on one page. Volume, brightness, network connections, music and all other settings are now part of single page control center.

iOS11 control center

Lock screen notifications, Do Not Disturb and Maps

You can even view the notifications from your lock screen, and even you can avoid notifications with the Do Not Disturb feature when you are in driving.

DND while car driving iOS11


You can even notify people that you are in driving with the latest Apple iOS 11. And, the maps were more customized to turn towards your desired path.

You can find the restaurants, shopping malls, airports and much more in your path using Apple Maps.

Automatic and Secure setup

Hold your iPhone or iPad near to any of your iOS devices, that’s it most of your settings, iCloud Keychain passwords and preferences gets imported securely and quickly. You need not import each and everything manually, everything was made automatic with iOS 11.

These are the top most beautiful features that are going to embed as part of Apple iOS 11 release, keep waited for the grand release.

Originally posted 2017-07-10 09:50:33.