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iOS 10 concept | Rumors on iOS 10 settings, features and release date

iOS 10 update for iPhone iPad

Rumors on iOS 10 Concept, Settings, Features and Release Date:

iOS is world’s most advanced operating system for mobiles. Now Apple is upgrading its mobile operating system from iOS 9 to iOS 10. In this update Apple is planning to fix all the problems that were arose in iOS 9 verison. Also iOS 10 is going to support few new features and improving the features like 3D Touch, Touch ID and more those were introduced in iOS 9. Battery drain issue going to be fixed in iOS 10. As per rumors iOS 10 is going to provide more customization than iOS 9.

iOS 10 Music Box:

Beats music in iOS 10

Music Box is a feature that is to be included in iOS10. After purchasing BeatsMusic Apple is fully dedicating this music box to Apple Music Application. In this BeatsMusic app each streaming service has adapted to the user interface.

iOS 10 settings:

Settings customization

Settings user interface is going to be beautified in new operating system. Also you can customize interface in settings. You can sort the options those are available in settings menu. You can move options from top to bottom and bottom to top in settings menu.

iOS10 Control Center Settings:

These new settings of new iOS version will let you change the shortcuts on menu. Add Shortcuts to the control center with simple steps. Also you can customize the interface of the Control center in this new operating system upgraded version.

iOS10 Control center settings

Photobooth app on iOS10 will be enabled and let you use this app from apple default apps list. Photo booth will be pre-installed in iOS10.

App Readability is so simple in iOS new update. You can add custom shortcuts to the menu and you can access them easily at any time. Easily can access this shortcuts menu from any app.

Reachability app shortcuts on iOS10


Battery Saving:

The battery saving option will be included in iOS10. This will disable few features of the iPhone those are Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G, GPS, Background apps, low brightness, low sounds and etc. By disabling these features from iPhone the battery life will be increased.

Dock Shortcut will be added in this iOS update and also an extra option dark mode will be introduced. By enabling dark mode, entire iPhone backgrounds will be moved to dark colors.

These are few main features to be included in iOS 10 and there  are many features to be included. The iOS10 release date is not yet announced officially but it is rumored that the release date will be in third quarter of the 2016.


Originally posted 2015-10-17 23:07:06.