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How to install IPA file on iPhone and iPad using iTunes?

Install ipa file on iPhone iPad

How to install an .ipa file in your device through iTunes?
First of all let us see what is an .ipa file. Till now we have heard about .txt, .jpeg, .doc etc.. this kind of extension files. But I think it’s new for you to hear what is an .ipa file. An .ipa file nothing but an iOS application archive file which consists of an iOS app that is archived . An .ipa file is prepared by encrypting with Apple’s Fair Play DRM technology. An .ipa is compressed using the ARM architecture and can be installed on an iOS-device using iTunes.

IPA file uncompressing:
Files of type .ipa extension can be uncompressed by changing the extension to .zip and then by unzipping it.
Once you got an .ipa file in your hand , place that file in any folder in your machine. Make sure that iTunes is installed in your machine. If not install iTunes first. Mostly, for all the operations on your device from system we need iTunes. Once you install iTunes in your device. Connect your device to your machine. Click on the ITunes icon in your machine. Navigate to iTunes window. Make sure that your device is displayed in the top right corner of iTunes window in the devices list. Click on your device name. Be careful while clicking on your device name . Do not click on the arrow beside the device name. If you click on the arrow your device will disappear from the devices list.


Now, follow the procedure to install the .ipa file in your iPhone and iPad. Click on the File button on the top left corner. Once you click on it you will be provided with list of options.


Click on ‘Add File to Library’ option and select an .ipa file that is available with you.

install ipa file

If you have done with selecting the .ipa installable file, click on the ‘Apps’ icon from the menu bar in the header. Your .ipa installable file will be now displayed as app under the ‘Apps’ menu.  Click on ‘Install’ button beside the app name. You will find two options at the bottom of the screen . Click on ‘Apply’ button to apply the changes.

ipa installation

Once you click on the ‘Apply’ button the install process gets started.

itunes syncing

Once the installation status disappears, you will again find the ‘Apply’ and ‘Revert’ buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click on ‘Apply’ button. Once if you see the ‘Remove’ button beside the app name your installation of .ipa file in your iPhone or iPad is done properly.

install ipa app itunes iphone

Now check in your device, your application is installed successfully.

Originally posted 2014-09-26 14:23:15.