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How to install application in iPhone using iTunes and appstore?

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install applications in iPhone:

You can install applications in your iPhone in two ways :

Install applications in iPhone using iTunes :

Follow the below steps to install an application in iPhone using iTunes store of Desktop

install applications iPhone

1. Make sure that your Desktop is installed with iTunes store.

2. Open iTunes.
3. Click on iTunes store.
4. Click the search box which is in the top right corner of iTunes store window.
5. Type the name of the app that you want to install and press Enter button.
6. Select and click on the app that you want.
7. Click on the button “Get App” then the app downloaded to your desktop.
8. Make sure that your iPhone is connected to your Desktop (Mac or Windows) using the data cable.
9. Your device will be shown under Devices tab in iTunes.
10. Click on your iPhone device in iTunes store on Desktop.
11. Now click on Apps tab which is on top of the iTunes window.
12. Select the checkbox which is besides to your desired App.
13. Click on Apply button on iTunes window.
14. Wait untill the app is synced(dont disconnect your iPhone from Desktop).
15. Your App installs successfully if everything goes fine.


Install applications in iPhone using your iPhone:

Make sure your iPhone is able to access internet.

App Store

1. Open App Store in your iPhone.

2. Search the app that you want to install.
3. A list of suggested apps will be shown.
4. Select the App you want to install by clicking on the Price button(Free or Paid).
5. It will prompt you a dailog box for your Apple Id and Password.
6. Enter your correct Apple Id and Password.
7. Now the App will load and install in your iPhone.

You can install applications in your iPhone by the above steps. But it is complex to install the apps in iPhone compare to Android devices. To install apps in iPhone devices you need to have Apple id and password, You must create an apple account.


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