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IFTTT iPhone application|How to create IFTTT Recipe




All iPhone lovers must check this application. Its a great application for iPhone. IF TTT application lets you automate your iPhone Tasks. Its a very attractive application & time saving and you will be thrilled after using IF TTT. The main concept in this application is “if this then that”. As the caption tells every thing there is no need to explain more about the application.
ifttt cover

How IF TTT works ?
IF TTT iPhone app lets you automate your device like ” If ‘I m tagged in a photo on Facebook‘ then ‘send me a text message’ “. I will explain about the statement briefly : If you are ‘tagged in any facebook status or facebook photo or etc by your friends or others’ then IF-TTT fires a triggers with ‘sending a text message’ , so you will receive a text message automatically soon after you were tagged in facebook status. It works basing on the programing concept ‘IF’ condition which is very familiar to software programmers. For this what you all have to do is “creating a recipe”.

Create a Recipe in IF TTT

Soon after opening the IF TTT application it will show you a screen to create a recipe screen as shown below.

Create IFTTT

2 – simple steps to create a IF TTT Recipe:
1. Just Tap on the “plus button” will let you chose a condition (ex: New photos by you : Facebook) and enables the trigger .

2.Now chose the action(ex: Add file from URL Facebook to Dropbox ) to be perfomed.

These above steps creates a Recipe as ” IF ‘any new facebook photos by you’ THEN ‘upload the same to dropbox’ “. Your first IF TTT recipe is now ready.

Sample Recipes:

IFTTT Recipes

About IF TTT :

Developer                   :     IF TTT Inc.
Size                               :    17.1MB
Compatible OS           :     iOS 6 or later
Compatible devices   :     iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Download IF TTT and create your own recipes. So many recipes are already created in IF TTT, You can use those recipes and you will be thrilled with these automated recipes. You can get more benefits from this application. It will allows you to get weather reports, phone alerts and notifications for different phone activities. This is the one of the best apps available in iTunes for iPhone device. Automate Facebook, twitter, google plus, linked in, gmail updates using this application.

Originally posted 2014-02-21 06:49:35.