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How to use iOS 8 Continuity feature using Handoff on iPhone, iPad, Mac

iOS8 new feature

What is iOS 8 Continuity feature ?

Continuity is one of the best iOS 8 features, where we can start working in one iOS device and later continue on another iOS device from where you have left off.  Suppose, you started working on iPhone or you are getting a call on iPhone instead of attending it on the same iPhone you can attend on some other device like iPad or Mac machines. In order to enjoy the continuity feature you must be connected with Bluetooth on both the devices, should be on same Wi-Fi network and must be registered with an iCloud account on both the devices.


  • iPad or iPhone with iOS 8 and later versions.
  • Mac machine with iOS X Yosemite.
  • Bluetooth with latest version existing on the device.
  • Valid iCloud Account.
  • Wi-Fi Network Enabled on the iOS devices.
  • iOS devices having Handoff & Suggested Apps feature under the General Settings column.

How to work with iOS 8 Continuity feature using Handoff on iPhone, iPad and Mac:

iOS 8 Conituity feature

Make the devices ready that you need to work with the iOS 8 Continuity feature. Ensure that all the requirements are satisfied on your iOS devices. Suppose, you need to have the Continuity feature from iPhone to iPad or Mac, check whether Handoff & Suggested Apps feature is available in both the devices or not. Make sure whatever settings made on the first device should be done on the other too. Launch Settings on the iOS device and navigate to General Settings and tap on the Handoff & Suggested Apps disclosure (>) button. Now turn on all the three toggle buttons for Handoff, My Apps and App Store options from Handoff & Suggested Apps settings page on both the devices.  Also turn on Wi-Fi on both the devices and the devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Next, navigate back to the Settings page and turn on Bluetooth on both the devices.  Need not, worry if one device doesn’t recognize the other under Devices list. You need not pair up both the devices, just turn on the Bluetooth and navigate back to Settings page.

continuity using handoff

Scroll over the Settings page and tap on the iCloud disclosure button. Navigate to the iCloud settings page and login with a valid and same Apple ID on both the devices. Turn on all the available options. Especially here the important thing is to turn on the Keychain option. Keychain plays a major role in the iOS 8 Continuity feature. Tap on the Keychain disclosure (>) button and turn on the iCloud Keychain by enabling the toggle button. Enter Apple ID password and tap on OK button from the pop-up on both the devices.

iOS8 new feature

Finally we are done with the settings on both the devices. Now let’s check whether the Continuity feature works on both the devices or not. Let’s try with a scenario like making a call. Call to the contact number of iPhone. You can observe the call made for iPhone on all the devices which are connected. This is how iOS 8 Continuity feature using Handoff works on iPhone, iPad devices and Mac.


Originally posted 2014-12-18 17:06:18.