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How to use AirPlay on new Apple TV | Apple TV update | Apple TV review


How to use AirPlay on new Apple TV | Apple TV update | Apple TV review:

What is Apple TV?
Apple has now gave you access to the biggest term in entertainment with Apple-TV. Apple-TV is of 1080p HD. You can plug it to your smart TV and can watch movies, TV shows, sports, music and many more.  You can also mirror your iOS device or Mac on your HDTV using AirPlay. Connect your Apple-TV setup box to your smart TV to enjoy all the following features.


Movies and TV shows on Apple-TV:
You can purchase the latest movies, music, radio and videos from iTunes and watch them in your new Apple-TV. You can also subscribe to any of the news channels, TV shows or music channels and watch them at any time on your new AppleTV.  You can get movies, sports, cartoons, music, news etc by watching any of these channels on your Apple-TV such as HBO Go, NETFLIX, FOX NOW, WATCH ESPN, Lifetime, Disney, ACC, and Red Bull etc… Not only these channels, there are many in list.

Live Programming on Apple-TV:
You can also watch Live Programming using your AppleTV.  You can watch live updates and matches in ESPN, MLB, and NBA etc… You can watch the latest news from the channels like Bloomberg TV, CNBC News and Journal Live etc…You can also watch the latest weather casting.

Photos, Videos and Music on Apple-TV:
You can view your photos, videos and music on Apple-TV. Through iCloud Photo Stream you can watch the photos, videos and music. You can also view your photos, videos and music which are in your Mac or Pc through AirPlay on your HDTV.


Watch iCloud movies on Apple TV:
Store your data such as photos, videos, music and movies on your iCloud and watch them on your Apple-TV. Buy videos or music on your Apple Tv using iTunes, store them on your iCloud and watch them on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac and vice versa.

Family Sharing on Apple TV:
You can also use the family sharing functionality on your Apple-TV. Using family sharing up to six members of your family can share the purchased music, photos, videos etc…

How to use AirPlay on new Apple TV?
Using AirPlay, you can wirelessly stream your data from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac to your Apple-TV. If you want to watch any movie, video stored on your iOS device or Mac instead of buying it again on Apple-TV, you can directly play it on your HDTV using AirPlay.

airplay on apple tv

You can also have fun by playing games on your Apple TV, which are available on your iOS device using AirPlay. You can also work on the AirPlay-enabled apps on your Apple TV. Your family can sit together and watch the movies or videos at a place using Apple-TV and AirPlay. With the AirPlay mirroring you can also stream the screen of your iOS devices.

New Apple TV 2014:
The new Apple TV is Apple-TV 4 is under manufacturing. The present running version of the Apple-TV is AppleTV 3. It runs on Apple A5 processor where as AppleTv 2 runs on Apple A4 processor. This Apple-TV 4 is known as new AppleTV 2014.

Apple TV update:
Apple-TV 3rd generation got new updated software. Apple TV update latest software is AppleTV Software update 7.0.2 can be installed on 3rd generation of the Apple-TV only. Apple-TV software 7.0.2 is the successor of the Apple-TV software 7.0.1. But Apple-TV 2 doesn’t run software version 7, It runs on only Apple-TV software 6. Apple-TV software 6.2 is the latest version available for Apple-TV 2.
Go to Settings > General > Update Software to check latest updates. And click on Download and Install to upgrade your Apple-Tv to latest version.

Apple TV Review:
Apple TV with full HD set top box is a plus point. Updated UI design is attractive. IT have access to iCloud movies, music of iTunes, and TV videos etc. You can not run few of media formats. Apple fails to support few media formats compatibility. Some people having problem with Apple-TV remote.

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