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How to uninstall applications on Mac OS? | Uninstall an app on Mac

uninstall applications on Mac OS

How to uninstall applications on Mac?

The UI of Mac machine completely varies from Mac machine. It is so easy to work with Windows compared to Mac unless we are accumulated with it. And, if you want to uninstall an application on Windows, you can simply navigate to Control Panel and can uninstall a program or application. But whereas, coming to the aspect of Mac machine it can be done completely in a different way. To uninstall applications on Mac, you will be directed towards different paths.

Uninstalling application on Mac machine:

In general, there are two ways to uninstall applications on Mac. Coming to the first mechanism, you can directly uninstall an application by moving it to Trash. Search for the Applications folder using Spotlight feature. From the Applications window, right click on the application and choose Move to Trash option. Now the application gets moved to Trash and also make sure that you delete the files relevant to the application from Library folder. This is one of the ways to uninstall applications on Mac. Also make sure that you empty the trash bin. When you empty the Trash, the application gets completely uninstalled and if there any file exists relevant to it may also get deleted.

uninstall applications on Mac OS

Coming to the other way, you can uninstall applications on Mac using the Launchpad option. Click on the Launchpad option from Mac home screen and navigate to the Applications window. Now, press and hold the Option key for a while unless you see the cross icons (X) over the application name. Click on the cross icon to uninstall an application, where you will be asked for confirmation and when you confirm it the selected application gets uninstalled on your Mac machine.

These are the two major ways by which you can uninstall applications on Mac machine. Apart from this there can be many other mechanisms, let’s say uninstalling applications through terminal etc…


Originally posted 2015-09-07 19:03:25.