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How to turn on Rotation lock on iPad or iPhone? | ON/OFF Rotation Lock

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How to turn on/off Rotation lock on iPad or iPhone?

I guess most of you continuously works on or plays with iPhone or iPod. Sometimes when you just tilt your device, the screen gets automatically rotated and may get irritation if it you face the same scenario for multiple number of times. In such cases you may think of enabling the rotation lock feature.  Let’s get into the ways of turning on rotation lock on iPhone or iPad. This will be helpful for those who are searching for the lock option on their iOS devices.

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The ways you do rotation lock on iPhone is different from that of iPad. In case of iPhone, just swipe up from bottom of the screen to find the Control Center options. Here, you can find the lock icon, when you tap on it automatically the feature gets enabled.

Coming to the case of iPad, you can turn on the rotation lock by switching to Settings page. Launch Settings on your iPad and navigate to ‘General Settings’ page. From the General settings, scroll to the bottom of the page to find Lock Rotation option. Check beside the Lock Rotation option to enable this service.

By following the above specified ways you can turn on the rotation lock feature on iPhone or iPad. And, if you want to turn off this service, with respect to iPhone you can simply tap on the lock icon. But this scenario is different in case of iPad.

With respect to iPad, you don’t have option to uncheck the Lock Rotation service. If you want to turn it off just check the ‘Mute’ option, this will make the lock rotation service auto off on your iPad. Sometimes, in case of the latest iPad’s you may this option from Control Center itself. These are the ways how you can enable or disable the service.


Originally posted 2015-09-13 22:45:31.