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How to take Screenshot in Apple Watch?

take screenshot in apple watch

How to take Screenshot in Apple Watch?

So, far we have seen how Apple Watch works and the various features available in it. There are multiple numbers of features inbuilt in the little one. Even though the size of the screen is very small it provides most of the features on the screen itself. It provides access to most of the applications. Suppose, you are working on an application and if you want to capture the current screen, what is the possible way to capture the screen and should we need to capture the screen with another device or is it possible to take a screenshot of the screen in iWatch? Yes, it is possible to take a screenshot on Apple Watch.

Take Screenshot on Apple watch

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Before going to see How to take Screenshot in Apple Watch, let’s have a glance of the buttons which are helpful to capture the screen. When you look at the iWatch you can observe two buttons at the right side of it. One button is of circular shape and the other one of rectangular shape. If you are working on any application and you want to capture any screen of your application or you want to just check how the capturing option works, press and hold the circular plus rectangular buttons at a time. This action takes the screenshot of the current screen and saves it to your Photos gallery. You can even view the screenshots by connecting to your machine, Mac device or any other desktop or personal computers or iPhone or iPad or etc.


Originally posted 2015-07-20 21:31:20.