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How to Sync iPhone to iWatch? | Using Apple Watch with iPhone pair up

Sync iPhone with Apple iWatch

How to work with Apple Watch? Apple iWatch pair up with iPhone? 

In the new trending market, Apple has come up again with the new Apple Watch. The recent release of iWatch, Apple is trying to gain more attention towards its products from its customers.  Even though the Apple Watch is released out to the users, it is only available on pre-orders as of now and is limited. So, if you want to purchase it, pre-order it and try to get it into your hands.

How to sync iPhone to iWatch?

If you have already purchased it, let’s see how to sync iPhone to iWatch. When you turn on the iWatch for the first time, it asks you to connect to any iPhone if you have any and connect to it. It takes few minutes to sync the data from iPhone. Once the syncing is done, the Apple Watch gets turned on and is ready to use. When you see the iWatch you can observe a circular button and a rectangular button on the right side of it. Among the two buttons available, each button has its own functionality.

Sync iPhone with Apple iWatch

And, now let’s see how to work with Apple Watch. Press the circular button for a while to see the list of applications available. You can find lot more applications like Weather, Music, Photos, Health, Calendar, Skype and many other applications. You can also work with the applications that were installed on your iPhone. Select any of the applications, say for example Calendar. Launch Calendar applications and if you have any calendar events you can view them here and you can also view them under Notifications. If you want to navigate back, tap on the Back button available at the top and if you don’t find any such kind of options, simply press the circular button. If you want to zoom the screen or scroll over the screen up or down just simply scroll the circular button. By scrolling the circular button, you can observe both the features like zoom and scroll.

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How to run music on iPhone using iWatch?
You can run music on your iPhone from iWatch. Launch Music and play any track. Hereafter you can observe the music playing on iPhone. You can turn off/on the music on either of these devices. Use the rectangular button which is below the circular button to find your Friends and interact with them. You can move to Friends and can also move back to the home screen by pressing the rectangular button. You can also observe a lot of syncing changes which can be observed immediately from iPhone to iWatch. you can get the heart beat rate with the help of Health app. Connect the Apple Watch to your wrist and check how it calculated your heart beat with a single touch on the heart symbol. Along with these, we have a lot more features available with Apple Watch.


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