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How to Switch Keyboard on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS devices

Switch iOS keyboard

Switch Keyboard on an iOS device:

Are you a multilingual? or do you have any third-party keyboard app installed in your iOS device? then you may have to switch keyboards from one language to other language. You always need to switch keyboard if you are multilingual. If you want to enter any text with respect to your regional language then you may need to switch keyboard from English to your regional language and vice versa. Lets see how to switch keyboard in simple steps.

Switch keyboard settings in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch keyboards:

Open keyboard menu from Settings > General > Keyboard. Now you can find there multiple keyboards that are already enabled. You will find a list of keyboards there. You can edit the list by tapping on EDIT button on top right corner of the screen. You can add a new keyboard to the list and you can delete a keyboard from the list. Also you can reorder the already existed keyboards by using edit button.

switch keyboard iPhone iPad iPod Touch iOS devices

Enable two are three keyboards that to be accessed or switched in middle of text input. Open messaging app in your iOS device and tap on input field. Now a keyboard will be displayed to you. On the iOS keyboard there is a button with globe symbol. This button is placed on keyboard at left side of the space button. Just tap on the globe button or long press the the globe button. Then it pop up a list of available keyboards. choose one among those keyboards.

Now you can switch any number of keyboards with a single tap on globe button. Follow above simple steps to switching keyboards while typing text in text input fields.

Note: At least one keyboard should be enabled in the settings keyboards list.


Originally posted 2015-05-19 23:32:33.