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How to share large files through Mail Drop on iOS devices with iOS 9.2

iPhone Drop Mail

Share your files with no limit on its size through Mail Drop with iOS 9.2:

So far, we have been sending out attachments through Mail apart from Dropbox, Drive, etc. And there are cases where we have to limit the size of attachments while sharing files through Mail. With iOS 9.2 you can share any files if you have a valid iCloud account.

iPhone Drop Mail

Mail Drop is the latest feature that was designed as part of the release of iOS 9. With this feature, you can easily share your files with no limit on its size. Here, comes a question on your mind. Do we have any inbuilt default application available for sharing? The answer is no. It is the additional feature that was provided in addition to Mail using iCloud.

When you attempt to share large size files through Mail, then you can come across an alert that “This attachment may be too large (<size>) to send by email. Do you want to use Mail Drop to deliver the attachment using iCloud? It will be available for next 30 days” with the two options, Use Mail Drop and Try Sending Attachment. In such cases, before you attempt to share a file make sure that you were logged in iCloud Account on your iPhone or iPad and then start up with sending attachments.

Mail Drop iOS 9.2

When you choose the Mail Drop option, the attachments will be shared with the recipient in the form a link. This link will be available and valid up to 30 days of its issue. It’s the easiest way of sharing large size files through Mail. You can even send the attachments through Mail, but it is better to prefer Mail Drop as the attachments get shared in a less span of time.

Originally posted 2016-04-17 20:47:16.