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How to set up Touch ID on Mac?

set up touch id on mac

Registering Touch ID on Mac:

If you are new to Mac or not clear on how to set up Touch ID on Mac, we help you with simple steps. In this post, you will find a detailed description of registering Touch ID on Mac. Let’s have a quick glance at the process.

How to set up Touch ID on Mac?

Follow the below steps to Set up Touch ID on Mac or Registering Touch ID on Mac

steps to set up touch id on macbook pro

  • To setup Touch ID on Mac, click on the “Apple” icon from the top let header bar. From the list of options available, choose “System Preferences”.
  • From the “System Preferences” window, choose “Touch ID” (Touch ID option is only available latest Mac Book’s), now you will be switched to the “Touch ID” window.
  • Now, click on the “+ icon (Add a fingerprint)” option, you will find a prompt requesting for the password. Enter your password and click on “OK” button.
  • Now, place your finger on the power button available on the keyboard at the top right corner. Place and remove your finger such that all lines on your finger are registered.
  • Now, you can choose the options you require to authenticate with “Touch ID”. You can find three options, “Unlocking your Mac”, “Apple Pay” and “iTunes & App Store”, while registering your fingerprint.
  • You can use your Touch ID to unlock your Mac and make purchases with iTunes, Apple Pay and App Store. You can choose any of or all the three options available.
  • You can also register multiple fingerprints as “Touch ID” for your Mac. You can not only register multiple fingerprints of yourself, you can either register other family member’s fingerprints too.

By following the above simple steps you can setup Touch ID on Mac or registering Touch ID on Mac in a very short span of time.

Originally posted 2018-09-01 11:34:35.