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How to set up Nike + iPod Sensor in shoe, How Nike + iPod Sensor works

Apple iPod sensor for Nike + shoes

How to set up Nike + iPod Sensor in your shoe/How Nike + iPod Sensor works:

What is Nike + iPod Sensor?
I think you guys are well known about iPod and Nike +. But, did you ever hear about the combination of iPod and Nike + product. Apple has designed a new product in collaborating with Nike+ i.e., Nike + iPod sensor. Nike provided  a sensor named Nike + iPod acts as a sensor in your shoe for iPod. It grasps the information such as distance travelled, calories burnt, heart beat rate etc… This is a nano iPod which can be placed in your shoes and you can start your running. The sensor tracks your running details etc…

How to set up Nike + iPod Sensor in your shoe?
You must purchase shoes which are compatible with Nike + iPod sensor. You can easily identify, whether it is Nike + iPod – sensor compatible or not. On the top of the box of shoes, it will be written Nike + iPod compatible, if not take the shoe in to your hand. Turn to see the back side of the shoe, there you can find Nike logo nike + sensor for shoe.

Nike + iPod sensor

Take the left shoe, open the soft cloth which is inside the shoe. You can find a black colored soft sponge, remove it. Now, you can see a hole in oval shape, where you can place your Nike + iPod – sensor. The set up of Nike + iPod Sensor in shoe is so simple. Just place the Nike + iPod in the slot allocated for it. Now place back the soft cloth over it. Finally, the set up of Nike + iPod – Sensor in your shoe is done. Now, you can use them as usually, you use your running shoes.

How Nike + iPod Sensor works?
Once you are done with the set up of Nike + iPod – Sensor in your shoe, the next step is to set up few settings in your iPhone. Tap on the Settings icon from the home screen of your iPhone. Tap on the Nike + disclosure button from the settings page. Turn on the toggle button of Nike + iPod. Select a Power song, Spoken Feedback as Male/Female, Distances in Miles/Kilometers, Weight, Lock Screen mode Portrait/Landscape etc… Now, tap on the Sensor disclosure button, you will get a demo voice saying that move around to check whether Nike + iPod Sensor is working or not. Move around in the place you are, to check the working condition of the Nike + iPod Sensor. Now, the Senor from the Nike + page will be highlighted by blue colored circular lines, it indicates that the Nike + iPod – Sensor is working properly.

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