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How to retrieve Safari Error Console on Mac | Safari error console Mac

safari err console mac

Retrieving Safari Error Console on browser on Mac machine:

Most of the people use Safari browser, by default on Mac machine right? But few people work on Safari for some other purpose like developing their applications, testing the applications, integrating the applications with any other application and there are many other reasons for its usage. Let’s see what is Safari error console and how to retrieve safari error console on Windows, Mac or other operating systems.

safari err console mac

In general, we use Safari browser to run any application but what if you get any errors on the page which are visible or invisible. For visible errors on the page, you can get the screenshot or screencast for the errors. But how can we get the errors related to network, page re-direction, etc. For such errors, we have an option called as Error Console.

How to retrieve Safari Error Console on Mac, Windows?

show error console safari, mac

To retrieve Safari Error Console on Safari browser, you need to switch to the header view of Safari. Here, you can find an ample number of options. Select the Develop option among the available options.  Choose Show Error Console option from the available Develop options.

safari error console

Here you can find several types of error consoles, like Elements, Network, Resources, Timelines, Debugger, Storage and Console. Here each option has its own significance. Among these, the most frequently used options are Elements (to inspect elements on the page through locators), Network (to identify network related aspects on the web page) and Console (to view the error console). Choose the desired option as per the requirement and retrieve the error console on Safari for a web application. That is how you can retrieve error console on Safari browser.

Originally posted 2016-02-27 23:03:00.