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How to retrieve crash file (.ips) from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

iPhone crash file

Retrieving crash file from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices:

What is a crash file?
A crash is nothing but an abnormal termination of the app on which you are currently working on. Crash can also be defined as the sudden quit of the app by launching the home screen rather than the current page you are working or viewing. You can find the reason for the crash or the information related to the crash using the crash file. A crash file contains all the relevant data regarding the crash.

How to retrieve Crash file from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices?
Suppose you are playing a game or viewing a social networking app or working on a browser in any of your iOS devices and if the application gets suddenly terminated and navigated to the home screen then such kind of situation can be called as a crash. In order to report such kind of scenarios to the developers of the app, you need to report them using the crash file.

A crash file ends with.IPS extension and is stored inside an iOS device along with the date and time of the occurrence of the crash. You can retrieve the crash file whenever you encounter a crash or later after a period of time from the device. In order to retrieve the crash file, you must connect the device to your PC or Mac and install the latest version of iTunes on your machine before start retrieving the crash file.

device recognized in iTunes from which crash file is to be retrieved

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Connect any of these devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from which you need to retrieve the crash file to PC or Mac using a USB cable. Launch iTunes on your machine and check whether the connected device is recognized or not. Once the device is recognized, the name of the device will be shown in the iTunes window. Make sure that you didn’t click on the arrow beside the device name. By mistake if you click on the arrow the connection with the device will be lost. So, be careful while clicking on the device name. Once you click on the device name you can find several options in the window. Click on the Sync button which is at the bottom right corner of the window.

syncing the device in iTunes for retrieving crash file

Once the syncing with the device is done, the crash file gets stored on your PC or Mac. When you sync the device the latest crash file will be stored in the list of existing crash files. Select C Drive by navigating to Computer folder. Now, double click on Users folder and then double click on Admin folder. Choose App Data from the list of options available, which is visible like a hidden folder. Now, double click on the Roaming folder and choose Apple Computer folder. Then, double click on the Logs folder and choose CrashReporter folder. Finally, select your device by double clicking on the MobileDevice folder.

crash file .ips file

The overall path in short can be represented as C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\deviceName.  Here, you can find the crash files along with their date and time of occurrence. Copy the crash file and share it with the respective person or store for further usage.


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