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How to rename folder or file on Mac?


Rename folder or file on Mac machine:

Do you want to rename any existing or new folder or file that exists on your Mac machine? It is very simple procedure to rename a folder. You can simply follow this easy procedure and rename folder or file to desired ones. Click on the folder or file for which you need to change the name. Now right click on the selected one, here you can find lot of options. Click on the “Get Info” option from the available options.  This will direct you to the “<folder/file name> Info” window.

options to rename folder

Now click on the “<folder/file name>” under the “Name & Extension” drop down header. Simply rename the folder or file to your desired one and hit the Enter Key from the Key board. Your file or folder gets renamed now and cancel the window to view the changes.

rename folder or file

You can even try this case. Click on the one that you need to change to any name and hit the “File” option from the menu header bar. Choose the “Get Info” option and follow the above specified procedure.


Originally posted 2015-05-11 09:39:38.