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How to Install, Update and Uninstall applications on Mac OS X Yosemite

install, update, uninstll apps on Mac OS X Yosemite

How to install, update and un-install apps on Mac OS X Yosemite?
We can install, update and un-install apps on Mac OS X Yosemite in an easier way. Let’s see how we can perform all these actions on Mac.

Installing apps on Mac OS X Yosemite:
You can install the apps on Mac OS X Yosemite in two ways. This can be done either by inserting a disc or by downloading the app software from Internet.  If you want to install apps from a disc, insert the disc into the optical drive connected externally to Mac. Double click on the disc icon and run the application to install the app.

You can also install the application by downloading it from online. Double click on the application and run the set up file to install the application successfully on Mac. Drag and drop the applications into the Applications folder to access them at any point from the Applications folder.

Updating apps on Mac OS X Yosemite:
You can update the applications, by checking for the updates from Apple menu of App store. Open App Store and click on Update button to update the application to its latest version. Once an app is installed on your Mac machine, you get regular updates regarding the app’s latest versions. If you are registered with a valid Apple ID on Mac machine, it will generate frequent updates, which makes you to know the latest version of the app and can update it easily.

Un-installing apps from Mac OS X Yosemite:
It’s easy to un-install the apps that are installed from Mac App Store or from discs or from other websites. And remember that apps that are provided for default in the Mac machine by Apple can’t be deleted. Say, for example the Mail application can’t be deleted as it is provided by Apple as a default application on Mac.

install, update, uninstll apps on Mac OS X Yosemite

To un-install the apps from Mac follow the below instructions.  On the Dock, click the Launchpad icon to hold down the app icon until you find all the icons begin jiggling. Now click the cross mark (x) over the app to delete the application. As said previously we can’t delete the apps which are default in Mac. When you find an app can’t be deleted, make note that you can never delete that app.  Also delete the apps from Trash to permanently delete the apps from Mac.  Or otherwise you can retrieve them from Trash before you empty your trash by restoring the apps.


Originally posted 2015-02-04 00:53:13.