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How to hide apps on iPhone or iPad that are not required on iPhone?

hide unwanted ios apps

Simple way to hide apps that are not necessary or for privacy purpose on iPhone or iPad iOS devices:

I think most of you has a lot of applications on your iPhone right? Few of them will be useful, and few might be private. We don’t have any options in the Settings to hide them. But we have a simple trick to hide apps, i.e., to hide/delete them temporarily from the home screen. Let’s get into the procedure to hide apps on iPhone.

hide unwanted ios apps

To hide apps, you require at least two apps, and you can also make only one of it to be hidden. Tap on hold on an app to see ‘x’ icon above the apps. Drag two apps together to combine them into a folder. Now name the folder with the desired name, say for example ‘Hide’. Now drag one of the apps with your finger to the right end of the folder view until it moves to the next page of the folder and remove your finger to make it settle down on the second page.

hide apps on iPhone

Ensure that only the app that wants to be hide is shown on the second page. Now drag the app to the center and instead of removing your finger on the app, just hold the Home button by placing the other finger on it. Now the app gets automatically disappeared from the folder. This way of hiding apps is not permanent. The apps may get reappear on the device, once the device restarted.

hide apps on iPhone iOS devices

It is how you can hide unwanted apps on iPhone or iPad temporarily.

Originally posted 2016-03-17 21:34:51.