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How to get FaceTime for Mac? | Using FaceTime for PC, Windows, iPhone

FaceTime for PC

FaceTime app is a well known Video Calling App available for Apple devices. We have already seen the most beautiful feature f Apple products, i.e., FaceTime For iPhone and FaceTime for iPad. But unfortunately, we don’t have this application by default on Mac machine. However, we still have the ability to get this app for Mac.

FaceTime for Mac:

FaceTime for Mac is a tricky way to install on PC. It provides Large Screen look and feels on PC. Simply we can make a video call from one iOS/ OS X device to other iOS/ OS X device using this FaceTime Video Calling App. Let’s see more about this application.

Compatibility of FaceTime for Mac:

This application requires OS X 10.6.6 or later versions of Macs. It supports the languages such as Chinese, Dutch, Danish, English, French, Finnish, German, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Swedish.

How to get FaceTime for Mac-PC environment?

It is so simple to get FaceTime for Mac environment.  But before try to get this app make sure that you have the compatible version of the machine available to you. Launch Mac App Store on your computer and enter the text as “FaceTime” in the search bar. Hit the app from the search results and navigate to the application details page.

Now click on the Get button to begin the progress. Then you can also find the Buy button, as this service is a paid one. By clicking on this button, you can initiate the installation progress. This process will successfully install the application on your machine, and you can enjoy FaceTime for Mac device. Also, you can install FaceTime for Windows PC as we do FaceTime for Mac.

How to use FaceTime application?

Don’t you know how to use FaceTime App? Don’t worry here are the few simple step by step procedure to use FaceTime Apps. Follow the below steps carefully to Make a Video Call, or Add Contacts, etc.

Facetime for Mac

  • Launch the FaceTime app on your machine to start up the usage.
  • When you launch the app you can find your view, i.e., the front cam starts working.
  • Click on the Contacts option to find the available contacts or to add a new contact.
  • Add a contact using a caller ID and call to them.
  • When the call gets connected the call rings on the person’s mobile or Mac.
  • Here you can call up a person who has the FaceTime application installed on any environment which might be an iOS device like iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad or OS X machine .
  • Once the person accepts your call, you will be able to view your friends or relatives view as the main screen, and your screen will is shown an as a smaller view at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make sure that you have a proper internet connection in making up the video calls.

You can also add few contacts to your Favorites list and can also get connected with the recent contacts more quickly.  It is how you can get connected with your friends, relatives, etc. through FaceTime.

Originally posted 2015-04-16 17:58:38.